This is a colaborative effort by friends and family to raise funds for the legal defense of Lt Col Larry Brock Jr.

January 6th of this year, Larry attended a rally in Washington DC to protest what he believed to be a fraudulent election and to show support for President Donald Trump.  Larry attended the President's speech, but left a little early to find a restroom with plans to continue on to the Capitol building, knowing that is where the peaceful protest would take place.  He arrived at the Capitol building towards the beginning of the group and noticed that the barricades were opened and uniformed police were waving everyone through - closer to the Capitol building.  Larry continued to follow the crowd and found himself at a main entrance to the building.  He stopped at the door and decided to enter as a policman held the door open.  No violent entry and no intent to commit violence of any kind.  Larry can be seen on many videos on the Senate floor, not being violent, but in fact being a peackeeper.  He can be heard asking people to behave and respect "the people's house". Larry decided it was time to leave as things got more crowded and sought out a uniformed policeman to escort him out.

Four days later, Larry got a phone call from the FBI claiming they wanted to talk, but in fact had a full team with multiple officers on hand to make what they hoped would be a high profile arrest.  Larry avoided the high profile arrest by turning himself in directly to the FBI rather than waiting at his house.  The FBI insisted that Larry be held without bail on two misdemeanor charges: entry to a restricted building and violent entry. He was released without bail to his family's residence and is awaiting trial.  These are the facts surrounding January 6th, 2021.

 Larry is an incredible human being.  His military record is spotless and he is a highly decorated combat pilot.  Those who know him best, know what a servant leader he is. Many of us, who have known him for over 30 years, know him to be honest, direct and a man who lives a life of intergrity.  The news wants everyone to believe that Larry is racist - nothing could be further from the truth - warriors don't have that luxury.  Larry is a Christ follower and his faith is the most important and central part of who he is. Larry, like all of us, makes mistakes, and he admits he never should have entered the Capitol building.  He lacked the "presence of mind" to just turn around from a door that was held open for him.  Thankfully we serve a God of second chances.  If you feel led, please donate to help cover some of Larry's legal costs, which are considrable.  Larry has spent his life on that proverbial wall, saying "not on my watch", prepared to give his life in defense of our great nation, our constitution and our way of life. I hope that some of you will find it in your hearts to give to this worthy cause.