Preserve The Chapel Fundraiser – 125 Year Anniversary in Magalia!

Our beloved Historic Chapel at Magalia Community Church (13700 Old Skyway in Old Magalia) survived the Camp Fire and the Bear Fire*. This Historic Chapel is now the oldest house of worship on the Ridge.

And, it is in need of repairs!

Inside, it needs to be painted (due to smoke damage), some flooring repaired (water damage), electrical checked (we found some lights were strung with speaker wire!) the main entry doors repaired and repainted, the side entry door replaced, carpets and upholstery cleaned. Additionally, the 17 year old HVAC unit needs to be replaced so we can again have heat and air-conditioning for services! On the exterior, the shingles need to be power-washed and then sealed, the old non-working Christmas lights removed and replaced (which we have already purchased the lights), and an inspection of the bell tower needs to be made.

It’s a long list! But we are confident that everyone who has had family members go here, went to this church then moved away, got married here or had services here when they buried a loved one in one of the close-by cemeteries – EVERYONE who has had a tie to this little church would donate even a small amount, we can then begin the much needed repairs!

This congregation was started in 1896 – We want to assure that this little church is serving this community for another 125! Please give generously! And “Like” and “Share” this post so that everyone will get the message that this icon of Magalia needs preserving and restoring!

*(The Camp Fire actually did some damage on campus and The Bear Fire came within 5.4 miles of the chapel this past September).