Please meet Roxanne Mathai.  She attended the historic rally in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. As a result, she was terminated from her position as a Detention Lieutenant from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Roxanne did not violate any laws and most definitely did not enter the Capitol. She is not facing any criminal charges and has been cleared via a background check (to include FBI) that was done for future employment. She attended what she believed would be a rally in which President Trump would be speaking as well as spending time in Washington DC the following day(s). Like most other attendees, Roxanne was there to be a part of history when a few chose to highjack a peaceful event and invoke violence and mayhem at the U.S. Capitol. At different times during the rally, Roxanne’s Facebook posts document her attendance at the event with pictures and comments; and later after learning of those who breached the Capitol, her Facebook posts condemn their acts of lawlessness. Bexar County Sheriff Salazar’s immediate reactionabout Roxanne’s future with BCSO simply because she was there was; he stated “my intent right now is that she never steps foot in this building again.” She had a constitutional right to be there along with the others. A rush to judgement has thrust Roxanne into the court of public opinion in the San Antonio area as well as to the national and international media (The NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Associated Press, UK Daily Mail) Roxanne is a hard worker and a law-abiding citizen and had been recently promoted to Lieutenant because of her hard work ethic and her dedication to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Can you imagine your character being reduced to headlines and stories pieced together that distort the person you actually are and the life you live. Roxanne went to the rally as a citizen and patriot and she had no knowledge of the outcome of this event and that it would go south. Nor should she have lost her job because of being at a place in which she had no control of others’ actions. Yet on the contrary, she still condemned the actions of those who she learned participated in acts of lawlessness.
There are three objectives to the Givesendgo account:
1. To spread the word to help restore Roxanne’s name.
2. To collect funds to cover legal fees Roxanne has incurred. 
3. To begin a prayer chain; please share this link with others. 
Any amount you can donate is most appreciated. In the Givesendgo platform, you may either list your name or elect to hide your name from the public view when publishing your donation. With her livelihood hanging in the balance, your support is an encouragement to Roxanne, her children, and all who know and love her.