Funeral Fund for Tila Marie (Terry) Cullifer

(A Note From Randall Terry 2/5/24)

Hello Friends. Thanks to all for their prayers, kind words, and financial help with the burial of Tila's earthly tent. The grief and shock of losing her defies description. 

I want to give an update on Tila's children, and her burial expenses. As of right now (Monday, Feb. 5) I believe we have the funds needed for her funeral expenses. (About $10,500. Little things keep coming up, but we are close.)

As we mentioned, Tila passed without insurance or savings. Hence, your help is a huge blessing. I have asked Sue to keep this site up until after Tila's funeral. We will continue to accept donations. Everything that comes in above the funeral costs will be divided between her four children. I will open a bank account for each of them that can only be used after they are 18 years old. Hopefully, they can use it for something meaningful in their lives at that time. I thank you in advance for your help and generosity.  Randall

(Original Message 1/30/24)

Dear Pro-Life Community,

It saddens the pro-life community to share that Randall Terry's beautiful 38 year old daughter, Tila, passed away on Sunday evening, after suffering an unexplained seizure and heart attack last Tuesday, January 23, 2024. Randall is the founder of Operation Rescue, and blessed to have helped save Tila from abortion.

Tila was born May 18, 1985. Her story is amazing. In October of 1984, her mother was walking alone into an abortion clinic to end Tila's life. That morning Tila's mother prayed, "Lord, if you don't want me to have this abortion, you've got to send someone to help me." As she approached the abortion clinic, Randall was walking along side of her begging for her baby's life. Among other things, he said, "If there's anything I can do to help you, I will." Tila's mother froze in her tracks and looked at Randall, and said, "Did you say you'd help me? I prayed this morning and told the Lord that if he did not want me to have this abortion, he'd need to send someone to help me." Randall was the answer to her prayers.

Randall was present in the hospital room when baby Tila was born. Randall and Cindy adopted Tila and her older brother, Jamiel. Tila was a delightful happy child, and became a beautiful flutist.

Tila was a strong believer in Christ and an ardent pro-lifer.

She is survived by her four children Za'Riyah, Dillis, Draiden, and Zoey.

Tila did not have insurance or savings, so it's up to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to help cover her burial expenses. She will be buried in Columbia, SC.

Please donate what you can toward the $15,000 expense, and anything left over will be put in a fund for the children to use for college or whatever when they are 18. We are hoping to have at lease $1,000 for each of Tila's children. Thank you, and God bless you.

P.S. from Randall Terry:  I thank everyone for prayers and help. This is devastating for Tila's entire family. Before she died, she opened her eyes and stared at me. I told her if she wanted to go, she could. She slipped peacefully into the next life within a few minutes. I'm thankful for the confidence we have in eternal life in Christ. Jesus wept - knowing he would raise Lazarus - because others wept. We weep, believing.

"The Lord hath given,
The Lord hath taken away.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord." Job 1:21