Welcome Patriots!

Many of you have been part of the Patriot News family for the entirety of the three-plus years of this Great Awakening. Others are just getting to know us, welcome!

Throughout these past years we have continued to grow our great Patriot News family. A big thank you to all those contributing Patriots for their hard work and dedication to the purpose of Patriot News. Our purpose is to get organized, dig and connect the facts, learn the truth, expose the lies, and disseminate quality, timely, and trusted information and analysis.

Knowledge discovery, collaboration, and disseminating of it, we feel, is a great and positive effort towards increasing our collective consciousness. Our collective consciousness is the battlefield and has been heavily attacked for the past 20+ years in aim to bring down our great country. Many of us are just now waking up to this truth and are finally starting to fight back. We are at War.

The platforms, that we relied on to get and share real and truthful information “from the people to the people”, were all the sudden weaponized against us. Many truthers found out abruptly that if we didn’t agree with the “approved narrative”, our voices would be muffled by shadow bans and then silenced by de-platforming. The controllers of these social platforms have been exposed as part of a cabal which are the enemies we’re fighting against.

Big tech was able to use these means of control (hide/filter/show) to influence the perceived consensus on current events and “feelings” on various topics to match their strategic plans. These nefarious social engineering efforts were used to fit into an overwhelming and purposely subversive culture attack. This is not a new tactic. This is a tried, successful, and effective CIA/KGB warfare tactic to weaken the people of a region and make them focused and concerned with hurt feeling, great sounding social programs, gaslighting and shaming opposition, divisive rhetoric, and sponsored violent demonstrations. The main stream media is trained and instructed to prop up, endorse, and manipulate the population of their misguided importance. This tactic binds good and well-meaning men and women to frivolous and divisive programs by exploiting their emotions.

Throughout this process they woke many “sleeping giants” up to the realities that we are at war.

We all know that there is no pervasive and systemic racial issue in the real world away from the reach of the bull horn of mainstream media. We all know that there was massive voter fraud and Trump won the election in a landslide. We know there was no increase of deaths in before the vaccine, which gave no justification of a pandemic. The tests used to detect COVID-19 cannot differentiate between COVID-19 and influenza. COVID-19 vaccines are bioweapons intended for mass depopulation. This was a trick for us to beg for the vaccine.

We at Patriot News have and will continue to fight and protect God, Country, and Family. This is a spiritual fight between good and evil.

Since we were banned from several live video streaming platforms, we have decided to take on the effort of bringing up our own live streaming service. This move gives the members of our community a platform free from any external/unwanted censorship! In this first phase, we have implemented the core functionality we’ve had on previous platforms. We now have the best HD quality video player and the best chat service we've ever had!

This is just the start as we will be continuing to build out our infrastructure, improve our user interfaces, and add great complementary services for Patriots! If you are not a member of Patriot News on our new platform, please check it out and join us @ https://PatriotNews.io/live.

With this new endeavor there are some additional monthly costs to allow us to provide the quality level of service which would be most enjoyable, stable, and effective. We ask that if you have the ability to please support our efforts by giving a one time or monthly donation to keep us operational. We are fully supported by our members.

Thank you Patriots, WWG1WGA!