My name is Alicia Powe and I am an investigative journalist. 

I am a writer with The Gateway Pundit and previously a leading journalist with the undercover investigative organization Project Veritas. 

After visiting January 6 political prisoners while they were held in solitary confinement, attending their trials, and watching the suffering they and their families continue to endure amid the political persecution, I decided to cover January 6 full-time to bring our political prisoners home.

We cannot stand by and allow any American to be persecuted for speech crimes.

It's high time We the People bulldoze the Justice Department's criminal probe against American patriots who protested the stolen election in 2020.

To fulfill this mission, I am asking for your assistance.

Please help me and a small team:

-Cover every January 6 trial, with comprehensive video reports and articles.

-Launch an undercover investigation exposing government malfeasance surrounding the Capitol riot.

-Retain an attorney who will assist in filing lawsuits against the government.

-Visit and stay in communication with incarcerated J6 defendants.

-Create a website featuring a database of thousands of hours of J6 footage that I and a team of volunteers are compiling on a regular basis.

-Host and produce a regular broadcast featuring J6 defendants, their attorneys, family members and their discoveries.

-Produce documentaries featuring high-level sources and evidence.

-Stake out Capitol Hill and demand action from members of Congress regularly.

Read my latest coverage of January 6 here:

The trials of January 6 political prisoners are the most important First Amendment cases in US history. Yet, there is seldom, if ever, a single conservative journalist at the federal courthouse where every J6 defendant, including President Trump, is being tried.

In fact, most "conservative" media outlets have completely ignored the plight of the J6 prisoners of war. Only when the high-profile defendants are found guilty or sentenced have journalists at all the top right-leaning networks provided coverage of the situation.

Meanwhile, at least a dozen mainstream media outlets deploy their far-left reporters, who resoundingly label J6ers "insurrectionists" and "white supremacists," to the courthouse regularly to provide full-time slanted coverage of J6 trials.

Approximately 80 percent of J6 defendants are veterans, including my friends Marine Corps veteran Zachary Rehl and former Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Biggs, who earned two purple hearts in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Joe was sentenced to 17 years in prison and Rehl was sentenced to 15 years after a juror of far-leftwing activists found them guilty of seditious conspiracy. Neither Biggs, Rehl nor their co-defendants committed violent crimes on January 6. They merely walked through the Capitol building for approximately 12 minutes. Joe went into the building a second time for seven minutes to help someone find their son.

Our veterans don't deserve to spend nearly two decades of their lives in prison after their sacrifice to serve our country.

Our First Amendment is being shredded every day in the federal courthouse, setting a precedent to throw us all in a gulag for wrongthink.

We can't wait for some great leader to step in and fix it all. What we do now counts. I intend to deliver on these donations regularly with ground-breaking reports.

Thank you.

God Bless and God Speed.