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    Hello, my fellow Patriots. My daughter, Kirstyn Niemela, is a J6 defendant. As many of you know, anyone who went to DC to exercise their 1st amendment rights has been hunted down like violent criminals, forcefully arrested and charged, had their privacy and God-given rights violated, and been falsely labeled “insurrectionists”, “white supremacists“, “domestic terrorists“, and a “threat to democracy “. Most defendants have been denied due process, and many are still being detained as political prisoners. Fortunately, my daughter is not in the latter category but has still been a victim of political persecution, slander and libel, and has had her life turned upside down, both financially and emotionally.

    As a result of what millions of Americans believed was an unfair election filled with irregularities, mathematical impossibilities, and illegal changes made to the voting process, in addition to the numerous sworn affidavits and clear video proof of fraudulent activities, we wanted answers. If the 2020 election was the “most secure election in history“, as the left has proclaimed, then why were credible claims of fraud never properly investigated and lawsuits dismissed for “lack of standing“? Regardless of your political affiliation and preferred candidate, every American should want, and demand, free and fair elections.

    Following the questionable election results, my daughter and a few friends travelled to DC in December 2020 for the Stop The Steal rally where they peacefully protested with thousands of other freedom loving patriots. There were no riots, burning of cars or buildings, or violence. The only problem they encountered that day was being followed and harassed by Antifa members on their way back to their hotel. Luckily, several members of the Proud Boys stepped in and escorted them to safety.

    After learning there would be another rally in January, which President Trump asked everybody to attend, my daughter and her friends did so eagerly with the hopes that the questions about the election would finally be addressed. They arrived at the rally early in the morning and stayed until Trump finished speaking, shortly after 1 PM. They had no intentions of even going to the Capitol building until our President suggested that everyone walk down to the Capitol and “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard“. There was never any talk of “storming” the Capitol in an effort to stop the certification process nor overthrow the government. The goal was simply to be present and cheer on the 100+ members of Congress who vowed to object to the certification of the states where the election results were blatantly compromised. Standing in unity, with a deep love for our country, my daughter and thousands of her fellow Americans made their way down the street, waving flags and singing the national anthem and other patriotic songs along the way. Despite the disconcerting reason for the protest, the atmosphere was peaceful and uplifting. What happened after they arrived at the Capitol would change their lives in ways they never imagined.

    They entered the Capitol grounds where there was no fencing or barricades, no police or security presence, and no signs indicating they were not allowed to be there. In fact, there are several videos you can find online showing officers removing barricades and other officers waving people onto the grounds. At some point, hundreds of people made their way into what we have always been told is “The People’s House”. My daughter followed her friend in, through an open door, unimpeded. Other protesters have video showing police standing aside, allowing them to enter, while others were told they were allowed to stay as long as they were peaceful and did not engage in any violence. My daughter moved with the crowd throughout the building, never engaging in any violence, she wasn’t being loud or unruly, and she did not touch, break, or steal anything. When my daughter noticed some nefarious activities taking place, she grabbed her friend, exited the building and made their way back to their hotel where they remained for the night. They headed home the next morning. 

    A year later, in January 2021, my daughter was pulled over for allegedly speeding (which she wasn’t) as a swarm of FBI vehicles descended upon her. She was arrested and charged with four federal offenses for simply exercising her First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. She refused to plead guilty as she did not believe she had committed any crimes. She was placed under pretrial release conditions and was, essentially, guilty until proven innocent. She needed, and still does need, permission to be away from home for more than 48 hours, and permission to travel out of state (limited to 7-10 days). She has to submit to random monthly drug testing, attend court ordered counseling, has been stripped of her Second Amendment rights, and is on some sort of terror watchlist with the airlines. Before she can board a plane, she, and any travel companions including me, are invasively searched and all our belongings swabbed for, I presume, bomb residue. This is not only humiliating, but completely unnecessary given her charges.

    Since her arrest, she has lost many friends and family members, and she was crushed when she missed the birth of her first and only nephew due to her court imposed travel restrictions. People have driven by our house yelling obscenities and calling us traitors as a result of her being portrayed as a domestic terrorist online and on the local news. She had her phone seized and her privacy unjustly invaded. Furthermore, because she is self-employed, she relies on word of mouth advertising and referrals to get side jobs to make ends meet. So when the FBI released their “statement of facts“ in regards to her case, they published false and libelous statements about her that they allegedly received from a “tipster“. These false accusations caused my daughter to lose jobs she had already secured, as well as many referrals from those customers, that resulted in a financial struggle to pay her bills.

    With no money to retain a reputable attorney, she was at the mercy of her court appointed public defenders who failed her in every way possible. Furthermore, the prosecutors were allowed to submit into evidence and show videos, social media posts, and texts in open court, either taken out of context or depicting actions and/or words from other people in an effort to paint my daughter in a negative light. Some of the videos showed violence that took place long after my daughter and her friends had already left the premises. These despicable tactics only prejudiced the already bias DC jury even more. After four days in court, with no effective defense offered on her behalf, she was found guilty on all four charges. Her sentencing is scheduled for late April.

    For those of you who don’t know my daughter personally, she is one of the hardest workers you could ever meet. She is also the kind of person who goes out of her way to help others. After purchasing our two family home a few years ago, my daughter and her fiancé proudly moved in with their two rescue pups, Boston and Brooklyn. They have also rescued other dogs and housed them until they found their forever homes. Additionally, they have opened their home up to friends who needed a place to stay and even took in a homeless man until he could get on his feet and find permanent housing. If my daughter sees someone broken down on the side of the road, she doesn’t hesitate to stop and offer assistance. She has always offered to help friends and family with car repairs, home renovations, etc. and never expects anything in return. That is just who she is. She does stand up for herself but never condones violence.

    My daughter is proud and doesn’t like to ask for help. However the recent trip to DC for her trial was a significant financial burden for her. On top of having to buy new clothes for court, she lost a full week of income and had to pay for gas, tolls, parking, and a hotel room for her eight hour (one-way) drive and four day stay. Aside from these expenses she was forced to incur in an effort to defend her Constitutional rights, she now has to figure out a way to come up with the funds necessary to retain a private attorney who will actually fight for her, specifically through filing an effective appeal and representing her at sentencing. This is the reason I am sharing her story here and humbly asking for help. Anything, no matter how small, will help tremendously and would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t donate, you can help by sharing this post.

    My daughter is a proud American who loves this country and was brave enough to stand up against tyranny. Please don’t let her pay the price alone. She is fighting for truth and freedom for all of us.

    Thank you so much for your time and support.


Kathy Niemela


Urgent prayers needed!
August 30, 2023
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So we are West Virginia with Kirstyn as she has been ordered to self-surrender at 2:00pm today. We have an emergency motion in with the appeals court to stay her incarceration pending appeal and/or a review and correction of her designation. I am asking for prayers that a favorable ruling comes through in the next 45 mins. If not, please pray for Kirstyn’s safety while inside, and that she is able to get transferred to Connecticut until the truth finally comes out (hopefully, very soon) and all the J6er’s are free!!! Thank you for your support, prayers, and donations. It is very much appreciated. 

Update on Kirstyn's case
June 30, 2023
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   As many of you may already know from listening to Kirstyn's interviews, she was

sentenced on June 8th. The sentence my daughter received was just as unjust as

her trial. She was politically persecuted, aggressively prosecuted, and wrongfully

convicted of 4 misdemeanors as a result of Jan 6, two of which are considered

"petty" offenses. However, at her sentencing hearing, she was sentenced as

though she had committed a felony. Under the U.S. sentencing guidelines, her

alleged violations should have been assigned a maximum of 6 points which calls

for a sentence of 0-6 months of imprisonment or possibly probation only. The

corrupt prosecution, however, argued that since her "crimes" aren't specifically

listed in the guidelines, they picked the most analogous crime to what she was

charged with. In their personal opinion, they decided that charge to be "obstructing

or impeding officers" which is a felony and, therefore, the Judge should assign a

point base of 10, thus increasing the length of prison time to 6-12 months. Of

course, the Judge agreed and sentenced Kirstyn to 11 months in prison (followed

by 12 months supervised release, $1,000 fine and $500 in restitution, even though

she caused no damage). Again, my daughter was charged, tried and convicted by

a jury (not an impartial jury of her peers) of non-violent misdemeanors but was

sentenced to punishment for a felony, which she was neither charged for nor

convicted of. Even the prosecutor himself said, at sentencing, that he regrets not

charging her for a more serious offense. So how can she now be sentenced for


   The corrupt, illegal, and unconstitutional actions of the DC court system is

appalling and everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be outraged.

Nobody should be sent to prison for almost a year for alleged trespassing,

disorderly conduct, and parading, picketing or demonstrating. If that is an

acceptable punishment for such non-violent misdemeanors, than why aren't all the

violent riotors from 2020, Trump's inauguration, Brett Cavanaugh's confirmation

hearings, etc in jail? Most of them were never even charged, had their charges

reduced or dropped altogether, or were given $50 tickets or other minor slaps on

the wrist for the same, or much worse, conduct than my daughter's. The two-tiered

justice system and weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, and other government

agencies against conservatives is staggering and must be stopped. This should never be allowed to

happen in the United States of America.

   Sadly, there seems to be nobody actually fighting against the unfair and unjust

treatment of the J6 defendants. Most defendants have no choice but to be

represented by public defenders or court-appointed attorneys who are too afraid

(or threatened) to vigorously defend them, and they are coerced into taking a plea

deal. Even if a defendant can afford to retain a private attorney, they, too, don't

seem to want to take on the government, and they either convince their clients to

take a deal or simply provide less than adequate representation. My daughter lost

at trial because her court-appointed attorneys did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for

her. To say they provided ineffective or inadequate counsel would be a massive

understatement. They provided NO defense, introduced NO photos or video

evidence, and even dismissed the wrong jurors. After her conviction, Kirstyn had

no choice but to hire a private attorney to represent her for sentencing and for her

appeal, although she couldn't afford it. That turned out to be disastrous as well.

   Kirstyn retained John Pierce, an attorney who claims to be a Trump supporter

and a patriot fighting to help defend numerous J6er's. He failed to file important

time-sensitive motions and completely failed Kirstyn at sentencing. My daughter's

sentencing was scheduled for May 31st so Kirstyn, along with 11 friends and

family members from 3 different states, traveled to DC the night of May 30th and

stayed overnight to attend the next morning's sentencing hearing. Kirstyn was

supposed to meet with her attorney that night to prepare for the hearing but she

never heard back from him. We found out in the morning that her lawyer was sick

and could not make it to court. Kirstyn was stressed beyond words and didn't

know what would happen. At the courthouse, she was told the hearing would need

to be rescheduled. She was later notified that the hearing would be 8 days later.

Fortunately, she got permission to attend remotely, as making another trip to DC

(8 hours away) was not financially possible. Pierce then pawned my daughter's

sentencing hearing off to one of his associates who isn't even admitted to the DC

BAR and knew very little about the details of the case. We later found out that

Pierce, who is now billing Kirstyn another $16,000 on top of the retainer, never

even read the transcripts from her trial (he only ordered one day of the 4 day trial).

How can an attorney effectively argue for their client when they have no clue what

transpired at trial? Needless to say, Kirstyn has been denied adequate and

competent representation, which is a direct violation of her constitutional rights,

throughout this whole process.

   Aside from having ineffective counsel and being sentenced to a felony for

misdemeanor charges, there were other disturbing events that took place during

the sentencing hearing. The judge told Kirstyn that he was originally leaning

toward the probation office's recommendation of 8 months of imprisonment, but

after she gave her statement/speech, he changed his mind because she refused

to take responsibility, although he already knew that. He said he has watched

some of her YouTube videos (which were not evidence at trial) and that "folks are

listening to you...and, you know, this sentence has to say something to those

people". He then went on to chastise her because she wore a "Save the Children"

t-shirt (in a video) saying, "If that is believing that there is some conspiracy among

certain politicians to, you know, traffic in child pornography or that they're

pedophiles or, you know, some other crazier stuff that QAnon has been spouting,

all that shows me is that you are completely detached from reality...which is

relevant to the deterrent value of the sentence that I have to impose". These don't

seem like legally sound reasons for sentencing a misdemeanant to more jail time

or any jail time at all. Sounds more like trying to silence and punish people who

oppose the left's narrative and agenda.

   Kirstyn has since, and rightly so, fired Pierce and is now without legal

counsel or representation. She now has to decide whether she will represent

herself in trying to file a proper and very involved appeal for both her conviction

and sentence, ask to be assigned another court appointed attorney, or find the

funds to retain a reputable and experienced appellant attorney who is not afraid to

go up against the government. Obviously, time is of the essence as she has just

been notified that she needs to self-surrender to a federal prison, almost 300 miles

away from home, on July 25th to start serving her unjust 11 month prison


   My daughter is a very proud, hard-working American patriot who has always

gone out of her way to help others and does not like to ask anyone for help for

herself. However, she is in a very difficult position right now so I am reaching out,

once again, to humbly ask for help. If anyone is able to make a donation, no

matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated. Better yet, if anyone is or knows

of an attorney who would be willing to help my daughter, that would be

appreciated more than words could say.

   Thank you for any and all support, prayers, and words of encouragement and

God bless America.


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