My name is Jennifer Bridges. It's possible you have seen our story across the National news. I have organized a lawsuit against Houston Methodist hospital for terminating hundreds of employees due to their covid vaccine mandate. We were the first in the country to deal with this mandate that takes away an individual's personal, religious, medical, and constitutional rights! All donations will go straight to our lawsuit. Our federal lawsuit was dismissed but we are back and stronger than ever with a new and better attorney to fight Methodist Hospital in state court. We will not settle. We won’t stop until we get to a court willing to rule by the constitution! We are hoping to be the first healthcare workers to do this!  We need your help to ensure success since the hospital system has a great deal of financial support. I wish I had known about this site last year. I originally started with GoFundMe but they shut down our account stating covid misinformation. Please stand with us to help protect people's rights and freedoms. Our success could ultimately help millions of people who are now facing the same fate across the country! You can learn more information and follow us through our website
Thank you for all your support!!!!