Freedom Fighter Husband and Wife

Campaign Created by: Imre Torma

The funds from this campaign will be received by Imre Torma.

Goal : CAD $5,000
Raised : CAD $ 80

We strive to empower people through education, to inspire positivity.  Fact: every person is the ward of the state under the emergency orders, our charter of rights and freedoms are suspended, allowing a for the implementation of a government tyranny, propped up by big tech and Pharma.

We were on the ground in support of the truckers freedom movement in Canada, that has inspired people to mobilize worldwide.

We stand strong beside our GREAT CANADIAN TRUCKERS, farmers and freedom fighters, to ensure our charter rights and freedoms are rightfully restored, to never to be trampled on again.

I am at ground zero, with my wife Shelley, working together for over 20 years, in the fight to uphold the principles of love, compassion and respect, and provide support for the people's freedom movement, fighting against tyranny and oppression in Canada. Now we are in Ottawa with the truckers to help "HOLD THE LINE" to END ALL MANDATES, acting against our charter of rights and freedoms.  This is the last "Hill" Parliament Hill, the political place to set a new perspective, and STOP the violation of our God-given rights.  It is time to learn from history so we can move forward to heal.  It is time to listen to each other rather than react to the alarmist FEAR (false evidence appearing real). STAND STRONG & FREE together.

Please consider donating to the (freedom convoy 2022 GSG) or the (adopt-a-truckerGSG). Please help my wife and I to continue to be able to bring you the news, information and to help us be here at Ground Zero in Ottawa to support all of the trucking families and farmers. Farmers grow it Truckers deliver it!!!

Let's stand together and make sure that we continue to fight to free our country from this tyranny.

Thank you for your support and let's stand strong and free shoulder to shoulder in support of our country glorious and free.

God bless.


Update #1
February 9, 2022
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