Campaign Created by: Convoy For Freedom Fund Worldwide 2022

The funds from this campaign will be received by Envision LBV.

Goal: CAD $2,000,000
Raised: CAD $ 1,003,680

***Not the Official Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 Campaign.***

We ONLY encourage fighting for Human Rights in Peaceful Manner. This is to raise money for awareness and to continue to fight for Human Rights which I have been doing for many years now. 

Remember, Me and my Fellow truckers are fighting for OUR freedoms and        YOURS. Please help us create a Milestone in History and encourage others to    break silence and join the fight.

Please look at my other campaign which I have already started some time ago on GoFundMe even before this Freedom Convoy Protest.

Relief Fund for The Unvaccinated Population HMNRGS (started September 8, 2021)

In this Campaign, I talk about The Bill Of Rights, The Charter Of Rights & Freedoms and Vaccine Passport Rollouts.

 Please donate and help us continue to fight for Freedom!!!

I am Christian and believe in GOD and the Unity of all. If you need proof, please go through my Instagram and my other social medias under the same name.

***Disclaimer and Important Notice for Donors (March 8th 2022)***

This is our Campaign but the site is owned by GiveSendGo which means this campaign can be undergo monopoly and tempering which has been done previously (Security Breaches Publicized in the Media). If you are a supporter and want to donate directly with High Security Algorithms, you can use the PayPal button linked to the YouTube Channel (EnvisionLBV) in the video. PayPal has setup a Non-Profit Platform for us which takes care of fees and your support will go to the boots on the ground faster.

You can also donate through E-mail Transfer and your details will be posted here so many can see your support. Send a DM to me and we will provide you the sending address and other ways to support.

If you want to support the People Of Ukraine, specifically the Stranded Africans left for dead, you can support our other campaign called "UKRAINE EMERGENCY FUND Help Stranded Africans" which Black Foreigners In Ukraine United (BFU) is a Beneficiary.

Critical Response: To those that are asking if we are the Managers of the Adopt-A-Trucker campaign with so many DM's on Instagram, you are sadly mistaken. We are not the Managers of that Campaign. Thanks So Much For Your Support! Updates will always come...


Update #5
March 9, 2022
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GiveSendGo has restored functionality to my Campaign. I had to FIGHT! to get this Campaign back to somewhat working order. As I said earlier, all those that have donated and prayed, you will be remembered as I keep records. The details will be posted here as soon as we have them. Thank You to all that have re-donated after I reached out to you through email. Much more to come. I will leave you with this, In the Fight For Freedom we have 3 choices.

1. Join the Fight

2. Support those that Fight for you.

3. Do nothing, ignorance is bliss and go on with your life.

If you are number 3, please remember the type of Legacy you want to leave your children. Your children will grow to not respect you if they truly discover why Fighting for Freedom is so important and you did nothing in your wake. Please be part of The Salvation Blueprint so our children will value us and follow our teachings. The stories that your family tells about you when your gone should be ones filled with Courage, Love & Hope. These are the stories that survive..God Bless To ALL...   


  • Pray for the Truckers
  • Pray for the Indigenous Commuinty
  • Pray for the Unvaccinated Populations Future
  • Pray for a Harmonious future for all
  • Pray for Human Rights