My younger brother had been on the lam since May 9th, 2021. I came home from work that Sunday night exhausted from waitressing alone on a busy Mother's Day. The Fairfax County Police Department had swarmed my house, and even interrogated me when I tried to go inside. They were trying to arrest my younger brother for not exchanging insurance information with a woman who pulled out in front of him and hit his car. My brother was working on a graveyard shift mixing and proofing doughnuts at that time, and he had been asleep when the officers came to arrest him. The FCPD pounded on our front door and wearing nothing more than his boxers he sprung out of bed and ran out into the back woods! When I came home there were a few helicopters making circuits over those woods. Still, with all their manpower, he evaded capture. I believe that it was God who was keeping him safe from capture that night. They threw all the manpower they had at him that night, and yet inexplicably he vanished into the night.

It was long, almost twenty months, before he came home. I wondered how he was doing, but I knew that he was walking with Jesus Christ and was in good hands. It was a shock when he came home that evening, and then asked our dad to drop him off at the FBI. He had grown a beard since I had seen him last, his muscles large, like he had been doing physical labor. He was still my sweet and sensitive younger brother at heart, and he was tired of running. He certainly looked exhausted, with dark circles under his eyes.

My brother deeply loves God, God's people, and the country our ancestors created as a haven for all people that recognizes God given rights to be protected above all else. We grew up here in Fairfax County. We would drive the thirty minutes on the 395N every Sunday to go to church in DC growing up. Our Dad is influential in the State Department, working his way up through the ranks for decades. As I watched the FBI fly all over the country picking up innocent people all while continuing to ignore child trafficking, I was confused that my brother was overlooked by them for as long as they did. Earlier in late April of '21 they "jumped" him in the morning outside his work after his shift was over. They never identified themselves as FBI, and he thought that it was just a group of men. He almost didn't let them take him then, but the Head Agent told him to calm down, and he must have sensed they were law enforcement because he stopped resisting. That same morning, the team re-mobilize, surround, and invade my dad's house, where my brother and I lived.

We live a stone's throw from the headquarters, and they had identified him pretty early on as one of the Capitol tourists. I believe orders from the top brass are responsible for the bizarre timing of his arrest. Could it have to do with the work my dad does? I think so. So did the Special Agent working on the case, after I told him my suspicions as he held my dad and I captive in our own basement. My dad was especially traumatized, since I was the one who opened the door, and he walked in with FBI agents pointing a gun at my face. I've never had a gun in my face before, but I was trying to keep my spirits light, as I know to comply with law enforcement to avoid getting hurt. I didn't know how severely it affected my dad, until after the Agents left and he told me. I only got one name, and badge number, of the team leader Christopher Nicholas. He did not let me look at the other badges.

When he was keeping my dad and I captive, I told him what I knew of my brother's character. How he is a goodhearted and smart kid, and that they could never break his spirit. I told the Agent that he was invited in the building by the police, and left when they asked him to leave, so it couldn't be called trespassing. And I told him what I thought was the truth, that my brother would fight the charges in court. My brother was released the same day, without an ankle monitor. He complied with the court proceedings, at least until the FCPD spooked him.

I didn't expect him to come to trial within a week of him self surrendering. I expected him to be treated like all the rest of the "Jan 6ers" and be held indefinitely. I was excited to go to court, and see him again, and I hoped things would go well. Indeed, unexpectedly the Judge had mercy on this young man. and approved the process towards him receiving an ankle monitor. Since he's self surrendered, what little money he had in his pockets and bank accounts is now drained. He has not one, but two court cases to attend, and needs money for legal defenses. His court appointed lawyer in Fairfax has never met with him, spoken with him at all, or even seen him. In fact, both his lawyer and the police officer bringing the charges didn't even show up on my brother's court date. My brother would like a new lawyer, but cannot afford one, and since our dad paid for the young man's bail, he is neither able nor willing to pay for one either. You may watch this campaign video to understand why my Dad would rather see my brother incarcerated than pay for a lawyer.

My brother and I don't expect much from this campaign, but honestly, even a dollar makes a huge difference. I thank everyone for caring about the injustices carried out on these innocent American patriots, my brother included. He is more than just a baby faced long boarder in his mid twenties. He is a talented musician, playing drums, bass guitar, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, xylophone, and more. You can check out his old songs on his soundcloud at but he hasn't updated for a few years. He's still writing songs, and I'm hoping he gets back on the Fruity Loops soon. My brother is also a car enthusiast, and can name nearly every make and model of car, just based on it's headlights. We are all more than our hobbies, our family, our memories, or our interests. We are children of God. My brother is a shining soul, who just wants Truth to reign, and all to submit their hearts to Christ's holy Love.

Thank you for reading and all your prayers, and God bless you!