“With so many families being hurt by this tyranny we live under, I'd have gladly died for not only my family but for every other oppressed family in my nation. I prayed my family would be better off without me, but now I cry all the time CAUSE I NEED THEM. I don't truly expect to see them again cause in my life very little good I've lost has ever come back.” – Josiah

A husband, father of two young boys, and lover of animals (cats and dogs), Josiah went to the capital on January 6th to stand because he had once again lost all he had, except for his family, due to losing his business during covid lock-downs. He had gone from the streets, where he had been off and on since the age of 14 to a new business owner in Nevada performing custom work and repairs on guns, producing leather accessories, and making knives.  In this manner he was hoping to support his family on 40 acres that he had owner-financed in Nevada.

Shortly after losing everything, due to lock-downs, his family would experience a car accident that would cause them even more loss, including nearly losing their oldest son. Josiah was able to save his son by removing the seat from the floorboard and getting him to shore. Here Josiah came to have a great appreciation for the Taos New Mexico sheriff's department, as they would assist his family on more than one occasion.

Josiah has not seen his wife or sons since his arrest on December 1. 2021. On September 14, 2022 he plead guilty to charges of assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers using a dangerous weapon, inflicting bodily injury (1) in hopes of being sentenced, serving that sentence, and returning to his wife and boys hoping he can still sit and put together Lego kits with them. Josiah and his family are in need of our support, please consider donating to help the family as they continue to navigate all of this.

(Written on behalf of the family, with their approval, by a friend to several J6 defendants.)