Mitchell is 35 years old from Brandon, FL. Mitchell has a good heart and loves his country - the USA. He attended his first Trump rally on January 6th, 2021. Mitchell now is incarcerated in Northern Neck Regional Jail in Virginia awaiting sentencing of up to 46-57 months.

Before being jailed Mitchell supported his two children financially, Adeline and Miles. He also paid for in home care for his Grandparents who are quickly approaching their final days. Sadly he has lost his job and can no longer afford his lawyer or support his family financially.

Mitchell used his entire life savings of $45,000 to pay legal bills and recently received another bill from his attorney recently for $29,000 to continue to defend him.

Please help Mitchell raise enough money to continue to pay his lawyer, support his kids and grandparents - and get his life back together. Anything you give will be used wisely. MItchell really needs your help. Thank you!