is a social media site dedicated to truly Free Speech.  We are smaller than Truth Social, but every bit as free and uncensored and we have no desire to become gigantic in size - only gigantic in the value of ideas that are nurtured and real news that is shared.  We have quickly evolved to be a niche site with a positive and intelligent community that is supportive of open dialog and has become a true incubation center for new ideas.  

Our goal is for the site to cover its modest monthly expenses and to accumulate additional funds to be used in support of the furtherance of our mission.  The community will have a say before we decide to fund any projects beyond keeping our lights on.  Projects under consideration are coding enhancements to make the site more user-friendly, to encourage interaction on additional levels, and to highlight outstanding contributions and important information.  

Our pledge to contributors is full transparency regarding our expenditures and our income.  We have registered as a not-for-profit organization and we are in the process of filing for 501(c)(3) status which, if granted, will make your contributions tax deductible.

Thank You!