I am raising money for my girlfriend and future wife. She bears the meaning of a great idea: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Since born almost 250 years ago, she carried a lot of hope for many generations. The founding fathers of hers established a series of excellent documents to safeguard her peace, security, and prosperity. And they “mutually pledge to each other” their Lives, Fortunes, and their sacred Honor. And they held a firm understanding and “reliance on the protection of Divine Providence”.

In the course of her childhood years, she was hijacked and taken into hostage. It lasted until the start of year of 2016 AD when an outsider came to the rescue. Things happened after that.

Today, she is experiencing an “inflection point”. Does she want to continue the old path that was dictated by the old guards and would ultimately lead to a demise of a once-great experiment of ideas.


Does she want to embrace the true meaning of those enshrined in the documents known as the Constitution, and to change her course fundamentally and rededicate herself to the People?

In the past, she has had some upper-end to high-end boyfriends, sending all those luxuries to her, confusing her, leading her astray, masking her true hearts. No more. The peoples’ voices have declared.

Now it presents her with a brand-new choice - a down-to-earth, practical, reasonable, and caring boyfriend who does not come from the “white bread world establishment”, who is a total outsider, and who cares not about himself but about her safety, security, peace, and prosperity in the long run.

This road of love is not smooth or easy; nor should it be. We experienced ups and downs, we laughed and wept, we had joys and sorrows, we were pleased and pissed off. But here is one point to always bear in mind; there is always more to unite us than to divide us.

It is my firm belief that the People will choose very carefully and wisely for her. And establish all those guardrails and guiderails for her to grow up through her adolescent years. And she will grow up to a real, mature, loving, caring, powerful, yet humble woman who stands tall in the world, and leads the world toward a positive and wonderful future, for all her People.

So, I pray to the good Lord, our true God(s), please help this young girl choose the rightful companion for the next chapter of her life. And may her life be filled with joy and happiness when a new age dawns upon her and all her People.