Forsyth County Election Integrity Legal Fees Fund 
Priorities for allocation of donations received:
  1. Fund the remaining actions for the ‘quo warranto’ lawsuit, Stefan Bartelski v Joel Elliot Natt (23CV-1718-3), Forsyth County Georgia. This lawsuit was brought about to ensure to have the lawfully nominated representative of the Forsyth County Republican party is seated in the Board of Registration and Elections (BRE).[Note 1]
  2. Support the submission of ethics complaints regarding those involved in the Board of Commissioners BRE nomination decisions.
  3. Educate Forsyth County residents on the Georgia, Forsyth County, and Forsyth GOP election process; it’s current state and plan for its revision to a reputable just system.

Please note that donations are not tax deductible and the group organizing this fund raising is not a part of the Forsyth County GOP

Links to articles about the lawsuit can be found at the bottom of this description

Why these issues:

  • We believe winning this lawsuit is the single most important action that will contribute to Forsyth County having an equitable election.
  • We believe education is key to success and Forsyth County residents are not privy the current state of certain Party members and their impact on State & County Elections.
  • We believe that an educated county will be more successful in implementing a election with integrity, transparency, and works, people want to help but do not know how; the lawsuit already in the works is a great step forward.
  • We believe local government officials work for the people and must be held accountable for their actions.

Overview of Case Issues:

  • Private organizations have no direct role in governing the people under a republican form of government, guaranteed to us all in Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution. And that role in governing the republic, in all of its multiplicities j, is the only reason for political parties to exist. So this idea that political parties are merely “private organizations” so the county commission should leave them to their own methods, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE WRITTEN LAW SAYS, is utter nonsense. And because the board seat we are discussing happens to be for the board of elections, the only purpose of which is to fulfill the requirements of Article IV, Section 4, abiding by the laws pertaining to those particular appointments is of paramount importance. Without abiding by those very laws, we have no republic! Either we are a nation of laws or we are not
  • We are encumbered by the astonishing issue of the Democrat Party supporting the current incumbent; “Last week, championing Republican Governor Brian Kemp as one of their own, the Forsyth County DEMOCRAT Party came out in a big way, not only for Republican Kemp, but also, effectively, for the incumbent to remain in his present seat on the county elections board, appealing to their party faithful: We are asking you to call and email your County Commissioners and ask that they follow procedures that are already in place. Procedures that they have followed through with every previous appointment. Governor Kemp just this week maintained what Democrats have said all along that the 2020 election was not stolen and even asked why no one has stepped forward if they have evidence that it was.”
  • Upon receiving reliable information that the incumbent’s nomination for the Forsyth County BRE was unlawful, based upon the failure of the previous county GOP chair to adhere to “legal process” outlined in the Forsyth County Code and Georgia law, according to the State Bar of Georgia rules, a case could be made that Forsyth County’s outside counsel would possess an inherent duty to uphold the legal process evaded by the GOP Chairman in November. Accordingly, should non-compliance with the legal process be verified, the attorney’s ethical duty would necessitate notifying the commission members that the incumbent’s nomination evaded the law, was therefore unlawful on its face and should be nullified.

Note 1: For full details of the BRE nomination situation, please read the linked articles below.