More than 40 percent of students who start college don't finish. These students are then left with substantial student loan debt and no way of paying them back. The sad truth is that in many of these cases the student is only 1 or 2 semesters away from completing their degree. The mission of this Fundrasing Campaign is to help young students go back to school and finish earning their degrees so they can become professionals in their fields and be able to pay back their loans and be an active member of society. 

The first student this campaign has chosen to fund is a psychology major who only has one semester to go to obtain his bachelors degree. He has been an exemplary student with straight A's. His stated purpose in pursuing the field is "we need a lot more mental health professionals and even more yet, professionals who have received training in psychology in order to address the challenges we face now in society. People lack empathy and understanding and studying Psychology has opened my eyes to how helpful and responsible it would be to incorporate psychology education to all fields and professions.