Fighting CPS Fraud

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jennifer Guskin.

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 2,600

As an infant, I was adopted by a family in NY who subsequently sold me to various individuals and entities throughout my childhood.

I’ve been to Epstein Island and on multiple Lolita Express types of flights.

I’ve witnessed high-profile individuals forced to rape children while being filmed under threat of death for themselves and their loved ones.

Shortly after going public with my story, Child Protective Services opened a Substance Exposed Newborn case, even though all drug tests came back negative, and took my child “In case of neglect”.

Their stipulation for her return?

Stop talking on Social Media.

The question becomes – How many other families has CPS done this to? How many times has CPS opened a fraudulent case, taking a child(ren) “In case of neglect”, and lie about key aspects of their case to the court to facilitate the termination of parental rights?

I am not the first.

My main goal of this lawsuit is accountability. If people know that they are going to be personally held accountable, they will be less likely to defraud the system.

I am seeking investigations. Criminal Charges. Revocation of Licenses. A complete revamp of the Child Protective Agency. Return of Children with support for families harmed.

I am seeking action against not just CPS as an agency, but the individuals involved as well.

Once again, if people know they are going to be held accountable for fraudulent cases, they will be less inclined to bring them.

While reading this, I would appreciate it if you’d take the time to consider that this case is not unique.

This is happening because, for years, CPS has been able to get away with opening fraudulent cases and taking children using questionable reasoning.

Many of those parents don’t get their children back.

The question becomes – What happens to those children?

They are often placed in the Foster/Adoption industries and lost to the system.

Many of them end up in families and situations like mine...

If they don’t stay in line, when they choose to have children of their own, their children are often targeted, and the Foster/Adoption/CPS industries thrive with a healthy cycle of Children to traffic.

This campaign is a request for assistance with the case.

I am completely Pro Se due to the fact that most lawyers will not pass my litmus test – a requirement that they obtain ALL records in relation to Iris' case for me to review.

Everything will be coming out of pocket.

Anything that people are able/willing to give, I am extremely grateful for and promise to use in a way that combats Child Trafficking and/or helps Survivors.

Please help me expose how Child “Protective” services is a pipeline for predators like Jeffery Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell, and others in the upper echelons to obtain the children they abuse.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Note - If you'd like to know more about my story, please see:


Dec 5 Hearing Update -
December 6, 2023
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I wanted to give everyone an update on how the hearing went -
It was dismissed against some defendants (GBMC and Chudow, Sapia, OPD, Hudgins), while being allowed to continue in a limited capacity (Jacobson, Brown) pending an amended complaint being filed to The Court. 
I have 45 days to file the complaint. 
GBMC was also ordered to give me a certified copy of Iris' Medical Records. They have 30 days to do so. 
Judge Ensor also said "For now" I am not able to bring a case against Hudgins on behalf of Iris, however, it seems like that door might be an option in the future. 

To be honest, I understood the hearing itself well, but the aspects before and prior confused me. 
Judge Ensor was... incredible. I'm shocked at how much she went out of her way to help in the limited capacity she can. 
She gave me an annotated book of codes 2019, and recommended I use it if I continue to proceed ProSe. 
She was very patient with me and made it a point to be understanding. 
She made it a point to mention that CPS had withdrawn their MtD. 
There were about a dozen or so people in the courtroom watching. 
I did not realize that they were not a party to defendants until Judge Ensor commented on how many people there were at the end of the hearing. 

And they all left very quickly after Judge Ensor left
They were gone by the time I finished putting everything away and was ready to leave. 

I'll be honest. 
This went much better than I expected. 
And I'm terrified. 
This case has the chance to impact and help SO many children and families... 
I'm terrified to screw it up. 
Deep Breath
It's okay! One step at a time!

If you'd like more details about how the hearing went (Or the case in general), I'll be happy to answer any questions I can. 

On that note - 

Thank you. 
Thank you for your help and support throughout all of this.
Thank you


Update #3
October 1, 2023
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Good morning, everyone!

Here are a few updates.
First, I wanted to thank everyone for their support in this fight.
As that case proceeds, I have heard back from 5 out of 13 of the Defendants.
One is refusing service.
The other one is no longer employed by their agency, and I do not have a forwarding address - yet.
So far, everyone I’ve heard back from has put in their obligatory “Motion to Dismiss” to try and get the case against them dropped.
This is a normal procedure in a case where Lawyers for Defendants are conducting themselves properly. They look for any legal loophole they can find to try and get cases dropped.
I have to respond to each of their motions - and send the response to each defendant.
This is part of what makes filing cases prohibitively expensive.
To PROPERLY “Serve” (Or get the case to a Defendant), you can either have it mailed, Certified Mailing, Restricted Delivery (Which is about $11 a mailing, PLUS the cost of the mail proper), or Sheriff (Which is about $60 a service).
I’ve been doing mailings, which usually end up being about $15 per person, times 13 people, which ends up being roughly $200 a service.
So far, Lawyers have not done this, and have been sending it via First Class postage - Which costs a couple of dollars.
I am going to attempt to get the Judge to either force Defendants to do proper service, or consent to allowing First Class Postage, though I am not optimistic.
You have helped immeasurably and made it so this fight can continue.
I’m eternally grateful.
I wanted everyone to know where their donations have done, and continue to go -
Unfortunately, GiveSendGo will not allow me to take out the Donations as I need them, and I need to take out everything at once.
As such, I took out the donations and placed them into a bank account exclusively for the Civil Rights case. This account will not be touched for anything other than necessities for the Civil Rights case.
So far it’s been used to cover Service/Mailing fees and to buy printer paper and envelopes.
It will NOT be touched for personal use.
It has been used exclusively for the Civil Rights case.

I also wanted everyone here to know that Iris has been officially and fully returned to my care.
She has been living at home full-time with Scott and I for a few months now, and I was able to find an Attorney who was willing and able to get full custodial rights restored.
This is a very bittersweet scenario, as the Magistrate who ordered initial removal is now a Judge - and is the one who ordered Iris’ return.
I am grateful it was her in those circumstances, but I also know the deeper implications, which is a great source of frustration.
But is also a source of hope.

Never stop fighting.
Never give up.



Update #2
August 14, 2023
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Hello, everyone!
I wanted to give you an update on how things are going. 
I *MAY* have found an attorney willing to take on the case. 
We currently have Attorney-Client Privilege, and he is passing my litmus test by helping get records, though we have not entered an official contract - I'm guessing this is because he wants to review the records before signing on - Which is perfectly reasonable, IMO. 
Shockingly, CPS continues to ignore repeated requests for records in regard to the case, however, the Attorney is helping in taking various avenues in order to get a response. 
We shall see what happens!

In the meantime, I have attempted to serve the case and eat the costs myself, however, due to a lack of clarity in the service rules they were not served properly - and proper service is prohibitively expensive. 
It is due to this, that I will be taking funds out of the campaign. 

Thank you, once again, to everyone who continues to bring attention to and fight against Child Trafficking. 
We are making progress!

Keep fighting! <3


Update 6/23/2023
June 23, 2023
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Update (Posted to GiveSendGo, and Substack) -

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read and respond to my plea.

After filing the case, I was granted a fee waiver. However, in Baltimore County, even if you are granted a fee waiver, a judge must order the Sheriff to waive the fee to serve papers in the case.

Normally, if a fee waiver is granted, the Sheriff’s fees are waived too.

For some reason, Judge Andrew Battista denied this request, with no reason given.

It’s clear that this will not get a fair hearing in Baltimore County, and I am opting to move this case to Federal Court.

After the case was reviewed by numerous people, it was recommended that the case be rewritten to be more concise, which I am in the process of doing.

Luckily, I will have the house to myself next week and will be able to focus on the case

Also, after a few discussions, and much meditation, I’ve decided to increase the goal amount for the GiveSendGo.


While I am currently proceeding as Pro Se, I do believe having a strong pit bull lawyer in our corner will help tremendously. They’d be able to navigate the system in ways I couldn’t imagine, and offer advice I’d never be able to come up with.

A GOOD lawyer, who is willing to take on CPS usually costs between $5000-$10,000.

While I’m aware this is asking a lot – More than I ever wanted to ask from people – this case isn’t just about me, or Iris.

This case is about EVERY Father, Mother, and Child who has been affected by fraudulent cases and removals.

This case is intended to seek accountability, get laws changed, grant the return of removed children, and deter Child Trafficking Social Workers from fraudulent allegations.

Thank you to each of you who has donated time, prayers, advice, and money to this cause.

I will do everything in my power to make they are honored.

Sending you and yours Love, Light, and Good Vibes <3



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