Stand For Moore

Dr. Kirk Moore and his staff have been indicted for standing against the government’s vaccine mandates with 3 criminal felony charges. On behalf of the US Government, the DHS and DOJ have singled out Dr. Moore to make an example to all medical professionals that they better not question the medical judgment of the federal bureaucracy. There is an abundance of scientific evidence that the Covid vaccine harms, injures, and kills. Doctors who dare act upon their Oath to provide the best medical care for their patients are in jeopardy. Thus, all Americans are in jeopardy of receiving the care they desire and deserve.  

It’s time to stand up to this tyranny! Dr. Moore did everything to ensure his patients had the ability to maintain their fundamental right to work, attend school, travel, and visit family and friends without receiving a “one size fits all” vaccine against their will. Absolutely no compensation was received for the treatment of their patients. How many other American’s were looking for a Dr. Moore to treat them?

Now Dr. Moore and his staff need your help to fight this monumental legal battle that will, ultimately, affect all of us. The case must be made to show that the government has NO right to mandate how a doctor treats his patients. Dr. Moore’s sacred adherence to his Hippocratic Oath as his guiding principle to First Do No Harm, informed consent and evidence based treatment must be protected. We the people must maintain our ability to receive treatment however we prefer.

It makes no sense the government would prosecute Dr. Moore and his team when evidence is so abundant proving just how dangerous these experimental MRNA “vaccines" are. The vaccine injured are lining up with tragic stories across the entire world! It appears the government is not ready to abandon their sinister motives.

This battle must be won! PLEASE donate so we will have the ability to protect every American! 

UPDATE: Dr. Michael Kirk Moore and his staff HAVE since plead NOT guilty to all federal charges. They broke no laws and harmed no person. Dr Moore, specifically, abided by his long held Hippocratic oath. We believe he and his co-defendants will be found innocent of all charges.

We believe this case is unprecedented and not only threatens many individual Constitutional rights, but also fundamental God-given individual rights and freedoms of families, parents, children, employees, business owners and Americans in all walks of life! 

We look forward to presenting our case. Everyday we are strengthened and overwhelmed by the thoughts, prayers and support we are receiving from members of our local
 community, colleagues in the medical profession, from our fellow Americans across the country and freedom-loving people around the world.

PLEASE SEE Declaration of Amnesty at Read, sign and share. 

Thank you for your support!!!