Fundraising Campaign on behalf of Felicia K

Campaign Created by: Randy Ireland

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Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 54,979
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Felicia K's story is both heartbreaking and very inspiring.  A year before the events of January 6 in Washington DC, she was involved in a horrific vehicle accident and it is a miracle she survived!  To celebrate that survival, she went on a road trip with her brother - and during that road trip decided to go to Washington DC to the "Save America" rally with President Trump speaking.
Felicia, along with her brother, were arrested for the events of that day.  Despite never knowing anyone else present before that day, she was arrested and charged with conspiracy, for which she now is restricted to home confinement on an ankle bracelet, unable to work, and unable to leave the house except for pre-approved times and days.
What most do not know is that Felicia is a 26 year-old single mom to a 10 year-old son, and is also presently 7 months pregnant.  She also cares for her disabled aunt that they live with, on a farm with a variety of animals, also in need of food and care.
Felicia is behind on bills, debt continuing to mount every day, with no income at all - relying on the generosity of donors for food, clothes, home-schooling expenses - all with an expected newborn to arrive within the next 30 days.
As she has been banned and de-platformed off most social media platforms...and crowd-funding is a very challenging position for her and her family.  Here at C.A.P.P. we are asking for everyone to come together and support this great American Patriot, and help ease her stress and pressure at this very important time in her life. 
Though she has offered to detail everyone's car that helps and contributes - we have assured her that will NOT BE NECESSARY!  Felicia's story is remarkable, she is a person who loves this country, is as hard-working and generous as they come, and remains positive and committed to fighting the daunting battles in front of her. 
Every penny raised through this fund will go directly to Felicia Konold, her 10-year old son, and soon-to-be newborn.  Please pray for her situation, and support however you are able - all would be greatly appreciated!


Update 10/16/2021
October 19, 2021
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We would like to give a special shout-out to Mr. Quan of the Prisoner's List on telegram for sharing out Felicia's Campaign - and to everyone who has responded with the outpouring of support.  Felicia is overwhelmed with gratitude to each and every single person who has contributed, prayed, and left encouraging comments.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

While Felicia has not yet gone into labor, it could happen at any moment!  Please continue to pray for a successful delivery, and a happy & healthy addition to the Konold family!  As soon as we receive word of what happens, we will post here for everyone to know.  Thank you once again for everyone's support!


Felicia Konold is released from house arrest this week to give birth to her second child.  Just this week, she was released from the electronic shackles binding her swollen ankle.

Eight months ago 20+ FBI agents showed up at her home for a pre-dawn raid.  Thrown into solitary confinement for seven days at the maximum security federal prison in Florence, Arizona, she was denied basic hygiene.  Toothbrush.  Toilet papers. Hair brush. Food.

She was given starvation ration and rotten food in Florence.  Pressing down vomit, she ate all the rotten portions for the sake of the baby inside her womb.

Released after seven days to house arrest, she was forbidden to work. The DOJ charged her with felony conspiracy and a host of other crimes for her part of peacefully attending the January 6 rally."
-Mr. Quan, The Prisoner's Record

Please pray for Felicia, her son, and her baby. Give to sustain her family and the legal fight:


Update #2
October 4, 2021
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Felicia has now entered Full-Term this week, so the new baby could come anytime!  Please pray for the helath and safety of both the mother and child during this time.

Felicia's pregnancy has been brutal, from finding out officially that she was pregnant for the first time while in solitary confinement after her arrest in the early morning of February 11th, to battling Covid-19 for nearly 30 days, to dealing with recent passing of her Aunt from Covid-19 (who she was the primary caretaker of for over 2.5 years).

Once released from solitary confinement and placed on home confinement with the ankle monitor, she was restricted from speaking with family members, unable to work, unable to shop, or even enjoy a simple bath.  Although some of the restrictions of have been relaxed - she is now able to communicate with her family, and leave the home occassionally for shopping and doctor visits - it is still an immense struggle with home life, mounting bills/debt, getting everything for the baby, school supplies for her 11-year old son, pest control & water pipe leaks with the house, and finally having to deal with the passing of her Aunt.  All of this on top of what she is facing in regards to the events of January 6 - facing a max sentence of 36 years in prison.

In spite of it all, Felicia remains upbeat and and trying to handel everything as best she can, as it comes.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she faces these many challenges.  Thank you so much to all of those who have supported Felicia with their financial contributions - it is very much appreciated!!

Update #1 on behalf of Felicia K.
September 9, 2021
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Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for the generosity of those who have supported this fundraiser.  While Felicia K. continues to deal with everything on her plate, her and her family have been inundated over the last week with a number of developments.  Last Wednesday Felicia K. was hospitalized after having tested positive for Covid-19, but I am happy to report she has been released and is now home recuperating.  Her son also tested positive for Covid-19, but has seem to have bounced back quickly and is doing much much better.  However, the aunt that Felicia K. caretakes for also has tested positive for Covid-19, is currently hospitalized and on a ventilator, and we received news last night that one of her lungs has collapsed.  Please keep Felicia and her entire family in your thoughts and prayers, as they continue to deal with all of this in addition to the other challenges confronting them.

Thank you again to everyone who has been able to donate to help with expenses - Felicia K and her family are immensely grateful!


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