Felicia is a single mother of two boys, loving, hardworking, and a dear friend. 

During her second pregnancy she was hunted down by the FBI for being present at Capitol Hill on January 6. 

She spent time in solitary confinement in prison and then was finally released and was then ordered on home confinement (the entire duration of her pregnancy) with an ankle monitor, unable to work to support her family. 

Through extensive battles, she was finally able to get the monitor so she could give birth, she then found a good long-term job as an ER vet tech. 

Fast forward to current time, Years later after tirelessly battling legally and extensive debt occurred, She has recently been sentenced, and will have to spend 45 days in prison away from her children, only to return home and continue to serve additional time in home confinement on ankle monitoring.

Due to the conviction charges, she also lost both of her full time jobs and has been unable to find work thus far prior to self surrendering to prison.

She went from having no criminal record to having a felony on her record. This now excludes her from getting any work in her field of experience and where she has her school degrees. 

Please support this young mother financially.

She is a fellow American with a heart of gold, dealing with an impossible situation.

Help her as much as you are able, as often as you are able, so that we can get this sweet momma back on her feet when she returns home.

She needs funding to ensure care for her boys while she is gone due to having no family available and needing to send them to a different state with a family to caregive. 

If you know of work she can do from home, please email her friend Andrea with information. Realfreedomtalk (at) gmail (dot) com, subject line: Work for Felicia.

God Bless ❤️