Vet Bills

Campaign Created by: Lucinda Albano

The funds from this campaign will be received by Lucinda Albano.

Goal: USD $600
Raised: USD $ 300

2023 was a tough year. I lost my beloved 12 yo. cat, Miss Jemima. As many of you know, our pets are our family and we do anything to help them, including 3am visits to the emergency vet, which costs an arm and a leg. After her loss, I adopted a stray kitten, Shooby-Do, who, sadly, was FIV + and, after numerous vet visits, she also passed. I nearly gave up after that, but the woman who found Shooby-Do found another litter of kittens and I took in another girl, Fawna. 

Fawna has spay surgery in a few weeks and our local low cost Spay/Neuter program has shut down, so I need to get the surgery done at my vet, which will cost nearly $600. I hate asking for money, but I'm disabled and this surgery will deplete my entire savings. She's getting it done, either way, but it would be nice to be able to have a little bit left over, after the surgery.

Thank you for considering my campaign. 


Update #1
March 3, 2024
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Fawna had her surgery this week and she is doing well. 

Thank you to the generous donors. Your donations helped pay for 1/3 of the bill, which, honestly, is more than I expected and I am so grateful. 


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