Lahaina, Maui was destroyed in a horrific event on August 8th 2023. A fire destroyed the entire town, leaving thousands displaced and death tolls are climbing into the hundreds. Even more horrifically, many have been unable to get access to supplies and assistance on West Maui. 

As locals on Maui, (@unjectedofficial) teamed up with 10x Billboard #1 artist/singer songwriter Jimmy Levy (@jimmylevy) to help raise funds for distribution to the true local community. We have faith that we will make it through this and rise over the fear and uncertainty. 

 We want to have full transparency and make sure that the funds get appropriated to the people here who actually need it. Families from this list will receive the assistance

Many people have lost every single thing that they had in their lives and have been forced to start over. Many have lost more than that.

Our hearts go out to all of the families who are suffering this terrible tragedy, but we know that we can come together and carry each other towards the light and the legacy of Lahaina.