In Spring Lake, NC, hope shines amidst adversity. Faith2Soar Christian Bookstore and More and the Wisdom Well Coffee Shop, founded by Melissa and Josh, has become a cornerstone in a community facing economic hardships and a lack of spiritual resources. Positioned near the vast military community of Fort Liberty, Faith2Soar extends beyond books to offer gatherings for Bible studies, small group meetings, children's play, and a welcoming cafe, embodying the love and service Jesus calls us to.

However, this beacon faces the threat of extinction. Financial challenges are jeopardizing not only the store but also the family behind this mission. Their financial need includes over $13K of back lease payments, $25K in back wholesaler payments, and over $40K in business credit card and loan debt. In addition to this debt, they have incurred over $100K in personal credit card and loan debt used to launch this business. At nearly two years in business, they have yet to secure larger, longer term, and lower interest rate small business loans.

The closure of national chains like LifeWay has left a void that Faith2Soar seeks to fill, offering products, a community, and a ministry. Likewise, they plan to expand their coffee shop offerings to include ice cream, smoothies, cookies, and baked goods to provide faith-based alternatives to big-chain coffee and dessert shops. 

Why Your Help is Crucial Now?

Support Local Small Business: Keep Faith2Soar and Wisdom Well Open!

Direct Community Impact: Faith2Soar and Wisdom Well stands in the gap for a community in need, offering support, resources, and a safe space for spiritual growth and fellowship.

Sustaining Revival: Since opening, Faith2Soar has sparked a local revival, providing a refuge for those seeking solace and connection in Christ.

Join Us in Keeping the Light of Faith2Soar and Wisdom Well Burning

Your support can ensure that Faith2Soar and Wisdom Well continues its vital work. Every donation, big or small, helps pay off debt and sustain this oasis of faith. By contributing, you're not just saving a store; you're nurturing a community, supporting a family's mission, and keeping the revival alive.

Act Now: Make a difference today. Share this message, contribute what you can, and consider making a significant impact with a larger donation. With God's grace, we can continue to spread His love and light through Faith2Soar and Wisdom Well.

We believe in miracles, and with your help, Faith2Soar can soar again and Wisdom Well can fill up the community on truth and treats.

To God be the glory, now and forever. 

Donate and Share: Let's Keep Faith2Soar Open in Spring Lake, NC!