I’m writing this on behalf of my beloved mama, Marcy Faber. Mom was diagnosed in June 2023 with stage 3 upper tract urothelial cancer - an aggressive form of kidney cancer. Her kidney was surgically removed in July, and tests in August revealed no evidence of metastatic disease (Praise God for hearing our prayers!). However, because it was stage 3 the doctor’s advice is to get further treatment to try to prevent recurrence or new tumors from developing. Mom is hopeful and regaining her strength at this time, while patiently resolved to fight her cancer. She will now undergo a year of immunotherapy supported by some integrative therapies which are very costly. These therapies begin in September and will be thousands of dollars.

While insurance covers 20% of traditional medicine, the Fabers are on their own to pay the majority of functional medicine treatments. We are asking for your financial partnership; our goal is $15,000 to offset costs and free up Dad (who is self-employed) to care for mom as needed without monetary pressure.

Mom is our patient rock, lovingly giving of herself through the years to care for her family and friends. I invite you to return the favor, and carry mom at this time. We look forward to how God might provide through you!

We also would appreciate your prayers (link to prayer/note page) and invite you to let us know how we can be praying for you as well. We will post regular updates about how Mom is doing.

You can contact Bill & Marcy with your questions at 816-808-6963 (Bill), 816-838-8542 (Marcy), or fabermarcy@gmail.com.

I have been learning to sing this song, as I pray for mom lately. It typifies our family’s faithful plea for mom’s healing and surrender to His way in her life. Mom has expressed her hope that her suffering be used for God’s glory! Listen and be encouraged ~

God of Every Grace (Lyrics/Chords Version) - Keith & Kristyn Getty, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa

With much gratitude and love,

Joy Weaver, for the Faber Family