Find'em Peace, Bring'em Home

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Find'em Peace, Bring'em Home is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping solve Cold and Unsolved cases of missing people. Being a volunteer operation means we can only work with the tools and resources we have. We are in need of additional resources due to the expanding demand for our work, and also unique tools needed to resolve pending and future work. Our end goal is always to bring peace to all the souls involved in these (most often) tragic cases.

In particular we need travel funds to visit suspected sites of the missing. We need better equipment for both ground and water searches. For instance, several cases need their final searches, but are under water. Thus, scuba gear and professional underwater metal detectors are needed. Side scanning sonar would be a dream machine for us. More advanced computer systems can help process data we collect. This is just a short list of how just a little better equipment could help so many more families find peace.

Here is our recent search for Susan Cox (Powell). We didn't have enough of the right equipment. The second search cannot happen until we acquire that.

Scott Degenhardt


Susan Cox (Powell) Search Update #1
July 9, 2022
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We have most certainly located the final resting spot of Susan. We are trying to acquire a waterproof metal detector and possibly diving equipment to finish this search to bring Susan Home to her family, and her spirit can be at rest.


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