As many of you know, God has give me the opportunity to serve and disciple "the least of these" in six African countries thanks to Heaven's Family, Farming God's Way, and you. Every time I go, I come back having received much more than I deposited. But back home, my wife and sons sacrifice my presence, protection, and provision so I can serve our African brothers and sisters.

Not this time. This time Keke and Turtle come with me. We will drop my oldest son off for basic training and then head to the airport for our trip to Uganda and Rwanda. This is a special trip because we have a our summit meeting where we bring all of trainers together in one place for teaching, training, vision casting, and farm visits to hear from and encourage the God's Love Groups. 

While in Uganda we will stay at the new model farm that is expected to produce 500 new Farming God's Way trainers and implementers over the next 5 years. We now have these model farms in 5 of the 6 countries we work in. We will have teaching on topics such as marriage and family relationships, disciple making movements, engaging youth with Farming God's Way, and strengthening God's Love Groups just to name a few. These summit meeting have produced lasting effects in our team and I expect this one to do the same.

After the summit, my family and I will catch a bus to Rwanda with our trainers there. We will spend our time with Peter and Venuste, 2 orphans form the genocide in 94', visiting their model farms and the God's Love Groups the are leading in the South and East. We will also visit one of the genocide memorials while we are there. 

My hope in bringing family along is threefold. First, I want my family to see and experience the work we're doing so they know how important it is. That way when I have to go it will be easier for them to release me. Second, I want my African brothers and sister to meet my family. I want them to know when I teach and share from my victories and failures in marriage and parenting that it's authentic. And finally, I want to see how the Lord would use my wife and son to encourage "the least of these."

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. We ask for your prayers as we prepare to go make disciple in Uganda and Rwanda. Thank you for your support.

Grace and ✌🏼.