Faith Forward

Campaign Created by: Our Saviors Lutheran Church

Goal : USD $35,000
Raised : USD $ 40,255

Who Are We: We are a small Lutheran congregation in south central Minnesota. We have a proud and strong membership that has stood the test of time for over 150 years! We are proud of our history and grateful to those who came before that established such strong and faithful roots. We have already had 11 Baptisms this year, which is very exciting for our small Congregation. We know we will be vital well into the future!

Why: As many of us have experienced in these interesting times, we are in need of updated technology and enhancements in order to stream worship to our membership and beyond. Our mission is to be examples of Christ both within and outside of our walls. With much prayer and consideration, we are moving into the future. By October 31, 2020, we are installing a camera/streaming system with the enhancement of flat screen TV’s in our Sanctuary. This is both a dream and a necessity as we continue the Mission of our congregation well into the future and maintain a vital worship experience today!

Prayfully Consider: We are reaching out to families, friends and strangers (who will become friends) who might consider a financial donation to this project. Our members are supporting this effort and we are reaching out beyond our membership, so that we continue to fund other important needs of our small, but vital congregation.

Thanks: Thanks to God for the generosity of others for supporting this project and the Mission of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church! We are humbled and oh so grateful!


Half Way There!
September 29, 2020
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Yay!  We are over half way to our fundrasising goal!  We can't thank everyone enough for their generosity with their gifts and support of fundraisers too!  More to come.....


Equipment Ordered
August 18, 2020
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We thank everyone for their generous donations to this project this far. So far we have met ¼ of our goal!

We have made our financial deposit on the project to with installation scheduled to being September 1 and completed October 31.

Equipment has been ordered and we are on our way to renewing our worship space....!!!



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