I “met” Everline in 2017 when I was on the board of an international Christian Organization. Everline is a widow with six children in Kenya.
I'm trying to raise $2250 for her to start her own business so she can support her family.  Everline and I have been friends since 2017.  She needs $2,000 for supplies and the extra $250 is to help with the fees  and other incidentals.  I will collect the money and send it to her using moneygram.  I feel like you can get to know Everline very well through the text messages we have shared over the years including her business sense at the end.

” I'm born again. Jesus is my Savior. I was a wife to the pastor. My late husband was a servant of God. We had a church in the village but after his death the church also fell down because of the floods and a few members joined another church.”
The following are excerpts from our text messages starting in May 2020...
May 2020
“Mom I'm not safe I'm living in school. After my house was destroyed by water. All the food that was in my house was carried by floods. I'm not alone many people in this village. We are starving no money to buy food and we are in lockdown Pray for us.”
(I sent money for food and she shared it with all of her neighbors. Here are the children eating!
I did pray for Everline and also sent money so she could build a house
"When my husband dies. He left me with nothing except half an acre of land. Raising six children has become so hard for me because I don't have formal source of income. I'm a casual worker sometimes I do casual work in sugarcane field during rainy seasons and sometimes I do washing job. I wash clothes for people, not every day, and sometimes I get 3$ a day or sometimes I get less. Sometimes no job. What I get is not enough to even buy 2 meals for a day. We live by one meal (supper) because what I get is not enough to raise 6 children. That is why sometimes I request your help."
"I have neighbors around here, some are widows like me, and others. I reside in the village where I used firewood to cook, in my village there is electricity, but me, I don't have electricity in my house because I can't afford to pay connections fee. I used paraffin oil for light. I walked two miles to get clean water we use in the house. But we have river around here in my village."
I'm a widow. I lost my husband last 5 yrs ago. I have 6 children two are children of my late sister. All of children are in school. First born daughter is Ann she is in secondary school 5 are in primary school. When my husband died, I was living in small one room house and few months later after burial of my husband my small house was swept away by floods. After that I rented a one room house in the shopping center and later you help me when you constructed a two-room house for me.
Mom thank you for this house. I'm so happy Thank you for removing my shame.
  When my business was running, I didn't have problem I was support myself. And all my children were getting food and going to school. Feeding 7 children including my late sister children's is not easy because food prices are double here. Mom, I have nothing. I need help. May God's will be done,
(Then another disaster:)
Jul 16, 2023, 2:35 PM
“I'm fine mom I thank God for life. Pray for my country Kenya there is demonstrations here and many people are being killed by police. During demonstrations the country is closed. This week the opposition leader has announced 3 days of demonstrations and all markets will be closed. These has made life to become more expensive because no movement. I don't have money to store some food in my house. From Wednesday there will be no movement.”
“Yes, political demonstrations. We live in a border with another tribe where the current president is coming from, but my region is in opposition. Last week government brought over 300 youths carrying arrows. They torched houses, killed 5 people, destroy propertyies. 
In 2007 they killed many people here including my first born was killed in post-election violence during lunch time from school. They killed my son with poison arrows.
I know this tribe of Kalenjins they burnt my house in 2017 but we came back here because I don’t have another land where I can vacate with children's. But my neighbors buy land far away from this place.
During attack we run and assemble in church compounds we get protection there. And after violence we go back to our homes. When we go back in 2013 houses were burnt down all cows gone nothing left. Only poor people are still living in this border but majority vacate to another places. Nothing you can do here because after 10 years violence our houses are burnt property's destroyed. You build me new house and buy for me everything because this tribe burnt my first house. What I rescue in 2013 was only my children. Lucky enough is because they attack us in daytime.
Jul 20, 2023, 9:18 AM
First I want to thank you very much for rescue us from death. This is the new house I get I rent it at 55$ a month I pay for 3 months
 Mom thank you I get a good house 4 rooms  its enough for my family may God almighty bless you abundantly.
Jul 25, 2023, 9:35 PM
The report I receive is that . Our neighbors came back and they take our maize in the village yesterday.
But because of your prayers mine was safe but I will go in the morning to harvest maize. We promised security. Police will give us security when we harvest maize.
I'm fine mom I harvest my corn. 
Aug 14, 2023, 3:40 PM
This is my harvest of corn Thank you for everything.
Aug 21, 2023, 4:00 PM
First I want to thank you mom for helping me. If was not you i would died Last month in my village. But when I shared with you you really helped me rent a house for me and my children's now I'm safe May God bless you
I'm thinking of doing food business to support myself.
Yes I have been walking up and down in this market to see what business can do well and I decided that if I can get capital food business can do well.
I'm praying for God to open away. Because I can't pay my bills if I'm doing nothing.
I'm praying to start small eating room in this market I see it can really help me
Oct 28, 2023, 3:31 PM
I'm fine with my children they closed school on Friday all of them are now here in the house.
Mom I need help to start a business. I'm not going to help this family without doing business. Here everything needs money. I need help mom. Mom I was planning to start eating room where I can shell food. Or starting fish business, Or grocery store.
One of this can do well here. I'm grocery is very good in this market if I can start it can really help.
 I will not need to rent a house I will do it I'm house. The house I rent is beside the way where many people are passing as they enter market. Yes license I will need but not now until March next year And they charge 60$ for one year license. This year is ending only one month.
God will make away
This was my suggestion because paying rent also will cost me. My house is big three rooms one can do business. But if can get enough I can look for another room in the market. I was thinking about that mom. But you can also advise me. Fish business Also good but it is seasonal; During dry season no fish’ ;Grocery can do well
My next step is take time. Know where I can get stock at low prices . I must visit many places compare prices. After that I will give you report on what to do. This can take me one week to know what is going on in the market and where to start. I have a friend doing the same business in another town I will visit and share ideas with her. Then I will make my last decision by Saturday next week. As we continue to pray God will lead me. And I will let you know. Thank you for taking your time to chat with me. God bless you and keep you safe mom.
Nov 8, 2023, 2:01 PM
Mom after doing my inquiry around here in this market. I realized that I can't do the business in my house. I need to rent a house where I can do the business. Grocery business can really do well if I can get a house in a good area. It is a good business but indeed good capital to start it.
What is your advice?
I meet different suppliers and we talk to know how much I can get as a profit. And after meeting different suppliers now I know what to do and where to start from.
Today I was talking with a lady. She is planning to vacate her husband get transfer letter they have a business and they wanted to vacate to another place I was talking to her . She is going to share with her husband if they can give me a house.
Nov 16, 2023, 6:50 AM
Pastor or coordinator of WOW chapter (Organization I was involved in when I met Everline) was Manasseh I served under him and later move to home in 2018. We separated with him because I vacate from where his church is. But sometimes we meet in meetings and he is the one knew me better than anyone he was my pastor.

Yes mom the man doing business in the house is going to vacate on 1st. Now the landlord wants deposit before 1st. Monthly rent is 45$. Now she wants me to pay 3 months. That is 135$ for three months.
I have meet many suppliers and I know where to start from. I have two business I want to choose one between grocery store and cereal store
Starting grocery business I will need 2000$ And cereals 1500$ to start after paying rent
Tue 10:53 PM
I was thinking about business because I have children to raise and begging everytime is not good. When I have my business that can give me profit everyday this can really help me
Sat 12:26 AM
I meet Manasseh yesterday we talk about business and now I can do grocery.

Reference from her Pastor:
Sister Margo, you can help Pastor Everline directly if you decide to help her. Pastor Everline is a woman of God with spiritual integrity, she's someone I know very well.