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Hello All! We’re a committed group of men and women who have direct experience with the devastating impact fentanyl, other drugs and alcohol have upon individuals, families and communities. When it came to our attention that many teenagers, men and women are falling through the life-threatening cracks that appear once a clean soul leaves rehabilitation, only to encounter waiting lists for a sober home meant to provide additional time to recover from this most traumatic situation, we felt we had to act. Sending them right back to the same surroundings is statistically a no win for anyone involved. We’ve obtained a wonderful home in a beautiful spot in Kingsland, Tx to erect one home for men seeking safe harbor after rehab. Our hope is to open a women’s home the first quarter of 2023, God willing. Having a property is a wonderful start. However, there are many, many expenses that have become a roadblock, of sorts, and demand more than we’re able to give personally. This is where you come in!With your financial help, we will be able to make needed repairs, purchase items necessary for housing up to 10 men and, one day, 10 women. Also, we have a serious need to cover taxes that are due on the property we’re assuming. We desperately need funds to continue our life saving endeavor. So, if you’re reading this, and it’s on your heart to give freely, please know that you have our thanks and eventually the thanks of many people who’s lives have value that need to be highlighted, celebrated and helped to reach their full sober/clean potential. Warm regards & blessings,Esperanza Board of Directors


Taking Applications!
May 25, 2023
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Hello Donors!

We’re happy to announce that Esperanza Men’s home in Kingsland is now taking applications. We have tours set up for next week with therapists and counselors from rehabs so they can see that we’ve built a beautiful space to heal. 

We had some deep cleaning done on the whole house and a wonderful company did it for half their normal cost. It smells like Mr. Clean was born here. 

While we are working on the women’s home going up in Austin, there are still a few more things we need for Esperanza Men’s home. Here are the top 3. 

1. We need 5 wired smoke detectors and a handful of battery powered. 

2. We desperately need drug testing kits for random and program entrance initial testing. 

3. Covid tests. 

Some of these items and much more we could use are here on an Amazon gift list. Anyone can access it and select an item that would help tremendously. 

Here is the Amazon link: Link To Esperanza Physical Needs on Amazon

Or, if you’re able to share this link, we are still trying to raise funds. Chiefly, since we’re a nonprofit, we would like to hire a grant writer that can help us apply for all the grants out there that are in place for organizations just like Esperanza. 

Thanks again for your continued support. And remember: SHARE, SHARE THIS LINK! It truly helps when others see what we’re trying to achieve and also, how we may be able to help them or someone they know!

Warm regards,

Esperanza Houses Board of Directors

*We had a local cleaning crew do a deep clean for 1/2 the cost so when counselors from rehabs tour next week, Esperanza Men’s home will be spotless! Some pictures below!

Scholarships Needed
May 12, 2023
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Hello - 

Part of starting one’s life over is finding a safe place to begin. Esperanza House is that place. However, there are costs and with 8-10 individuals living under the same roof, one can imagine electric bills, and the like. 

Many clients come in with nothing. Though our food closet is satisfactory, our clothing bin is woefully in need. Many clients need help paying rent (even with the grace period we provide) and they need that extra time from getting the job to the first paycheck. 

This is where we need your help. A scholarship fund with a reserve would be a wonderful benefit when it comes to helping clients get into Esperanza and get a new life going. 

Please consider donating for our scholarships. This would help immensely. 

Warm regards,

Esperanza Directors 

Scholarships Needed!
April 10, 2023
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Hello all -If you’re able to help with men and women entering a sober home without the initial money to get settled in before gaining employment and becoming completely self sufficient, we/they could use the help. We hope to create a scholarship fund that will provide basic necessities that the county and state just aren’t able to produce. Please consider a donation that is assured to uplift an individual and take them down a road of loving longterm sobriety. Regards and love,Esperanza Houses, Inc. - Board of Directors

Scholarship Push!
December 19, 2022
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As we’re ready to begin housing those in need, our initial goal was to be a sober home that wasn’t “rent” centric. The goal was , and still is, to help men/women get to an independent level where they can leave Esperanza House and add value to their community outside of our homes. 

Unlike many religious organizations that support sober homes, we don’t have a specific church that supports us. We realize that each individual has their own concept of a higher power and we hope that they connect with God in ways they’d never imagined before. 

Also, we do not require residents to work for their room and board. We don’t own or operate a company and make tenants exchange labor for life. We encourage they get a job that’s helpful to others and fulfills their needs, as well as one that keeps them happy. 

That said, we do need, desperately, to have a backup fund for those who cannot afford rent or basic needs when they arrive to Esperanza House. Some, due to a variety of reasons, may not be able to obtain employment upon arrival. Many times there’s some additional medical issues that need to be addressed. 

This is why we want to have a fund established that will allow us to keep them afloat, within reason, if they meet the criteria for an organizational scholarship. 

So, if you feel like helping with our scholarship fund, we’d be very appreciative. Esperanza, as a non-profit, is not even. Which is ideal for funds in a venture that is not designed to make a profit. In fact, Esperanza is deeply in the red and could use all the help we can get as we go into 2023. 

Kind regards,

Esperanza Board of Directors 

Beautiful Day!
December 12, 2022
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Thank you to all the volunteers that showed up today! We were able to get more furniture assembled, in four hours, than you could find in a whole IKEA store! What an amazing introduction to the community & a welcomed, needed event considering the crunch we’re in with clients arriving in weeks! God bless you all!  & Merry Christmas!


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