On the Date of April 30th, 2021 Patrol Officer Sara Erwin was unlawfully terminated from employment; and, Sergeant Mandy Grey was suspended and demoted to the rank of Patrol Officer.  The unlawful termination, suspension and demotion were the direct result of these two Law Enforcement Officers exercising their First Amendment Rights under The United States Constitution. Both of these women were employed as Law Enforcement Professionals in the Township of Hopewell for approximately twenty (20) years; and, both performed their duties in an exemplary and exceptional manner prior to this unlawful employment action being taken against them.

The families of Sara Erwin and Mandy Grey rely upon these Law Enforcement Professionals financially for the support of their households. Additionally, both of these women are responsible for the maintenance of health benefits for their children and spouses. Unfortunately, as a result of the termination and suspension these two officers are now without any income and their medical benefits will be cancelled unless they can financially afford to continue the same through elected COBRA coverage.

Officer Erwin and Sergeant Grey have appealed their termination and suspension, however it is expected that it will take potentially eighteen (18) months at a minimum for the case to find its way into a New Jersey Court of Law.

Every dollar that is contributed to this campaign will help these women sustain their families both financially and emotionally during this most difficult time.

Thank you for your Assistance.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." —President Ronald Reagan