. Energetic Parents 

A group of parents started asking questions when superintendent Franklin sent out an email stating there would be an equity task force created in TUSD and an “ethnic studies” course rolled out in the fall. He stated this was in the “wake of the George Floyd death at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department.”
This group of parents met with two district employees after several emails went unanswered for further information and requested to see the curriculum. They were given the go around and left with still many unanswered questions. They then filed a Freedom of Information Act Request and were given access to emails. In these emails they found they had been lied to on many occasions and not given information they requested. The also found Foothill HS Principal sending an email that these “energetic parents” that “want transparency” were seemingly annoying her and she was going to need to draw some boundaries with them. The emails also showed board member  Damikolas was coaching Superintendent Franklin on how to re word the ethnic studies course to mislead re: the CRT in the course. Supervisor Franklin in his emails also said he liked the White Savior Complex assignment for the ethnic Studies course, after telling us in emails he never approved the assignment and the sub that taught the course is no longer at FHS.
The stories go on and on about how TUSD is not forthcoming with parents and they are annoyed that we want to know what our kids are being taught. Whether you are for or against CRT, everyone should be concerned at the lack of transparency the school district is showing the parents, and the blatant disregard for parental rights. 
This group of “Energetic Parents” have requested more information through the FOIA and as of Friday June 18 they were legally due the emails. However, at 11:45pm they received an email stating the district wanted almost $2500.00 (it will be more as two requests are still pending). TUSD is charging these parents 75.00 an hour to search for these emails and send them electronically. We are raising funds to cover this batch of communication requested and future requests. We are also requesting support to replace each school board member who opposes supporting parental rights and total transparency with all parents. We would like to use these funds to cover any expenses to fight for parent rights in Tustin Unified We have a right to know what’s being taught and to make the decision on our children’s education based on that information. We are saddened that our once great school district feels parents don’t deserve this right. Please support and give what you can. We will be sharing all Information that is discovered so you may be informed too.   https://rumble.com/vili35-tustin-school-board-one-parents-testimony.html