Missionary Family Medical Emergency

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Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 21,100
We desperately need your help!  Let me (Emma's mom) explain....

Our daughter Emma, and her husband Josh have been missionaries in Uganda for many years. Their ministry, The Gem (a home for special needs orphans) was founded in 2014. The Gem now has 48 special needs Gems as well as over 70 Ugandan employees and is supported by generous people who love special needs orphans. 

Emma and Josh do not take any salary from the Gem but are solely supported by family and friends who love them and believe in the work they have dedicated their lives to. Emmy and Josh live frugally in a tiny two bedroom cottage where power is out more than it is on and where they often have no water for days - all without a complaint. Also, they have never been home as a family.  They truly are my heroes.

BUT now Emma and Josh have a medical emergency and they need help! They gave me permission to share but asked if I would please be vague due to the circumstances:

Besides running The Gem, Emma  and Josh also have five children of their own. A few months ago one of their five treasured children developed a problem. Doctor visits, tests and before long an MRI. The old, well-seasoned surgeon saw the MRI and was extremely concerned, scheduling a biopsy for two days later. However, the biopsy attempt was unsuccessful.  It was then that Josh and this little one flew to a missionary hospital in a nearby African country where their little one was taken into the O.R. and put under general anesthesia for a bone biopsy.

More than four agonizing weeks-of-waiting-for-results-later, the surgeon called and told them that the biopsy came back "inconclusive" and that he was concerned it was cancerous He recommended a second opinion.  

This is a true medical emergency!!  I humbly ask that you help them purchase flights home to the States, a car to rent and initial medical needs. 

They have given their lives away to serve the broken-bodied of Uganda....Would you please help them come home to care for their little one’s emergency needs?

Would you also please pray with us for complete healing for our little grand? We cannot thank you enough for your generosity in helping them.

Please feel free to check out the website: TheGemFoundation.com


Update #2
December 7, 2021
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Little one went for testing, including an MRI and it was confirmed there is a problem.  Next an appointment with an oncologist was scheduled for Monday, December 6th.  They really liked the oncologist!  He then scheduled a biopsy for two days later - tomorrow, December 8th, 2021. Please pray for wisdom, protection, definitive answers as well as peace and comfort for little one.  Thank you in advance.  Some have asked if they were able to obtain insurance.  No they have not been able and not for lack of trying.  

Update #1
November 21, 2021
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The Lord has been so merciful - flights were found and purchased for the family because of your generosity! Thank you! 


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