Elijah and George A Revolutionary Tale

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Goal: USD $650,000
Raised: USD $ 40,168

What are we raising money for?

Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale. A timely historical drama. 

Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale follows the Adventures of a Farm-boy and His Faithful Dog Caught Up in the Fight for America’s Independence.

COMPARISON: The Patriot meets Huckleberry Finn

CALL TO ACTION: We are an Independent Production, not a Hollywood Studio. You can help us get closer to bringing this timely feature film to theaters nationwide by donating today. Every dollar you contribute, $5, $25, $100, $5000 or more supports a little known story about General George Washington's Civilian Army of 2000 Women, Children and Men who marched alongside to support the Continental Army.

About the Movie

An impossible adventure begins when a young boy sneaks out of George Washington’s encampment on a frantic search for his father, a soldier who does not return from the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. Will the game of draughts (checkers) save the young boy’s life and get him home?

Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale is an adventurous, action-filled, at-times humorous, heartfelt story woven in the fabric of Family, Freedom, Home…with a twist of Redemption! An Epic Historical Drama, this inspirational story follows the American Revolutionary War from Valley Forge through the 1778 Battle of Monmouth and told through the eyes of an 10-year-old farm-boy who goes searching for his father who is missing after the battle. The movie is part love story and part American History; action, adventure, faith, drama, some humorous moments and a battle scene! 

PHASE ONE - DONE!  We filmed the "Funding Trailer" at Historic Tuckahoe on April 8, 2023.

PHASE TWO - PreProduction - $650K Budget - in Process - As of July 1st we have moved into the next phase of the film project and are accepting donations for Preproduction expenses. As an Independent Production we count on and equally appreciate the generosity of Individual Donors and Major Sponsors. *Please reference details below.

PHASE THREE- Secure $6.5Million for the Production Budget. Our goal is to shoot the movie Spring 2024 for a Fall 2024 theatrical release. 

INSPIRATION: Based on letters and diaries of the period, the movie is inspired by the children's book George Washington's Army and Me by award winning author and illustrator Michael Dooling.

Thank you for your donation and generosity of spirit, we are grateful for your support! 

Let's Make a Movie!

~ Andrea M Clarke - Producer, Writer, Director

Metatron Productions, LLC - We create thought-provoking, inspirational stories steeped in Soul Liberty.

Learn more: metatronproductions.com/elijahandgeorgemovie

PRODUCTION BUDGET: ($6.5million) We are actively pursuing investors, major sponsors and individual donors to secure production funds. Contact Producer Andrea M Clarke to schedule a meeting and to receive the Movie Pitch Deck, Term Sheet, Budget and more. Ask about our finders fee and sponsoring a private funding event!

PreProduction immediate requirements: (Budget $650K)

*Retain CPA and Entertainment Attorney, Register for 168(k) tax credit for potential investor interest. Legal documents and Insurance Policies.
*Schedule meetings with potential Major Sponsors and Investors, travel.
*Hire expert social media team to build wide movie audience, generate nationwide press, increase sales of film merchandise and Elijah and George – A Revolutionary Tale Chapter Book and raise profiles of key cast members.
*Hire Branding Expert and Graphic Designer - Update the film's website, and all promotional materials and merchandise images.
*Consult with key crew for department requirements and fine tune the budget: Production Designer, Special Effects Supervisor(battles), Director of Photography, Production Manager, Line Producer, Lighting, Sound, Composer, Editor, Visual Effects, Catering, Transportation, Lodging & Travel.
*Create Storyboards for all scenes and 3D Computer Modeling of Battle, Valley Forge Encampment, Civilian Encampment and Crossing of the Delaware. Bringing the story to life is a necessary visual for production planning of these large scenes.
*Work with Cinematographer and Director on needs and pricing of equipment rentals, the Shot List, look, feel and tone of the story. There are 111 scenes.
*Finalize filming locations with key crew - up close and personal walk through of proposed shoot locations. Lock the locations.
*Finalize the Scene Breakdowns, Production Schedule and Shoot Budget. Budget per scene.
*Finalize costs for historical related props / items for the budget - horses, soldiers, weapons, wagons, tents, encampments, uniforms and more.
*Consult with Stunt Coordinator for stunt planning. *Consult with Marine Safety and Paramedics
*Consult with Armorer / Weapons Training and Safety.
*Consult with trainers - 18th Century Combat Horse Soldier Training and 18th Century Solider Boot camp with cast members.
*Consult with CGI and Green Screen Pros:
a. British Army of 11K marching towards Monmouth Battlefield
b. Continental Army Encampment at Valley Forge – 14K Soldiers
c. Continental Army and Camp Followers crossing the Delaware River
d. Exterior Joseph Stout House – – Valley Forge
e. Civilian Encampment – 2K women, children and men
*Costume Department – determine costs and needs of historical wardrobe and uniforms for over 60 cast members, multiple regiments and camp followers.
*Internal Casting Department – update and reach out to extensive networks for extras casting (regiments) to determine final weapons and wardrobe rental needs.
*Internal Distribution Team – Options for Theatrical Release followed by Digital VOD.
*Consult with Health and Wellness Director to finalize Humanity In Action / Production Health and Wellness Resources / Policies.

NOTICE: We are doing everything in our power to make our movie. However, please note: Filmmaking is fraught with uncertainty and there is no guarantee, express or implied, that the Filmmaker’s efforts to get the Film into production will succeed.

Metatron Productions, LLC - Copyright 2018 - 2023 - All Rights Reserved


Va Film Office Grant
May 25, 2023
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Once we have raised $4Million dollars, we can apply for a One Million Dollar Grant!

Thank you for helping us to bring forth a most timely and inspirational movie steeped in faith, family, freedom and home! 

Learning History Is Fun!
May 17, 2023
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Buy the EBooks that Inspired the Movie!

George Washington's Army and Me and Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale!

Instant download here!

Trailer Reviews
May 10, 2023
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Reviews of our trailer! #Grateful  E&G Trailer reviews coming in from my personal network and cast and crew who were unable to attend the private screening!

*Incredible!!! Can't wait to work on it with y'all!
*Congratulations! We have a team of prayer warriors praying!!!!
*Thanks Andrea! This does look great! I look forward to contributing to the main feature!
*Wow! That turned out amazing! Thank you for letting me be a part of it.
*Great trailer - can't wait to see the movie!
*Fantastic!  Congratulations everyone – especially you, Andrea, this has been your work of love!
*I hope you succeed!
*We appreciate the invite to the screening and are so excited about this movie.
*Wow! The new trailer is fabulous! It tells the story and is very engaging.

We release the trailer to the public Memorial Weekend!


Historic Tuckahoe Screening
May 10, 2023
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We were honored to screen our trailer on May 7th to the Society of the Cincinnati Members at Historic Tuckahoe in Richmond, VA!

General George Washington and William Lee rode in for the event to much surprise.

Our starring cast were on hand to meet the guests and share more about our most timely movie!

BTS photos of the trailer shoot and private event can be seen on our IG and FB pages. @ElijahandGeorge


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