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Hello, my name is Mellissa Carone and I am the witness that worked for Dominion Voting Systems assisting with IT at the TCF Center on November 3-4th. I have been going to several events, Republican committee meetings, and anything I possibly can find in order to tell as many Americans about what I witnessed at the TCF Center in Detroit, my affidavit of over 20 counts of fraud that I personally Witnessed, a 53 minute audio recording of the Dominion Voting Systems training session I recorded on my phone and what it tells about Dominion and the software they utilized in this election in order to cheat, the binder in which Dominion Voting provided me upon hiring explaining their hardware & software, the countless avenues democrats took in order to cheat in this election, as well as my personal views on how COVID was used to scare Americans into using Mail-in ballots. I will not give up on our country, I will continue to fight for the future of our country and to keep us from a one world government (the New World Order), I have also been unemployed and seeking full time employment since working the election. I am not receiving any calls on jobs (I have a background in IT and cyber security) so our family has been living off of one income for over 10 weeks. If anyone knows of anywhere who is hiring please let me know-it is very much appreciated. 
I am currently working on a book/documentary about what I witnessed, and everything I've experienced as a "whistleblower" for Dominion, now facing legal action from Dominions attorneys for coming forward and telling the American people what I witnessed.I will continue to spread my testimony to the American people, traveling to Washington DC to speak at the rally on December 12th, and January 6th, doing interviews daily for every media outlet I possibly can-trying to avoid all Democratic channels as possible. 
I'd like to say thank you you everyone that has supported me in my efforts to expose the fraud I witnessed. We the people must stand together, we did not vote Joe Biden in, we will win this stolen election back. God is in our side. Merry Christmas to all! John 3:16.
God is with us in this fight, we must keep our faith in him and stick together as Americans/Christians. 
thank you
also I am sure you are all aware of the letter I received from Dominion Voting Systems attorneys, I am using these funds to pay for an attorney.
god bless you all!

I have received several prayer requests on here that are extremely rude, some accusing me of being involved in the terrible storming of our US Capitol on January 6th- I had nothing to do with what happened at our Capitol, I am a Trump supporter, not Antifa- I am a law abiding, God fearing citizen and love our country.
I am currently running for State Representative, I will have the exact district in about 7 days. I am currently looking at houses so we can live in the district I am running in, obviously this is also a huge expense for my family and I. God has called me to run and I am going to follow him.
thank you for your prayer, kind words and support in this time of need.
 If anyone know someone that's hiring please let me know, my personal email is mellissa.carone@USA.com
God bless you all!



Update #1
February 5, 2021
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I am the Dominion whistleblower, I am currently running for state representative here in Michigan. I have had a very difficult time finding employment since the election and have been doing everything I can to keep exposing this fraud and work on my campaign while providing for my family. If anyone is aware of someone that's hiring or owns a company and needs help please let me know, I am open to any kind of honest work. My email is mellisss.carone@USA.com
thank you and God Bless You All!!


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