In our culture, we continue to see the steady decline of public sector education. We see the youth who graduate with reading and math scores that are at the 6th-grade level. We see the standards of academic progress being lowered so schools can maintain their funding. We see the ideologies that are poured into all facets of the curriculum that tear apart the image of God and undermine the family unit, and the founding principles of our country. We see our children being led into body mutilation, confusion, anxiety, and fear. Our families, children, and country are crumbling under the onslaught of false information, subpar standards, and spiritual decline. 

What can be done? We build back our family unit and take back the education of our children and youth under the principles and virtues that God has called us to uphold! 

Will you help us in this fight? Will you help support King's Light Christian Academy and its mission to partner with parents, under God, to educate and raise up the next generation of believers that will stand firm in their faith and conviction to save our families and country?