Hi Friends!

My son is one of the pioneering students from around the world learning the value of service to others from some of the most influential military and civilian mentors. He presently attends high school education at the New York Military Academy, one of the country's most prestigious military academy private schools. We as a family are extremely proud of all of his accomplishments so far, as he has overcome great personal adversity to complete the challenging academic curriculum and fitness requirement successfully, however, we're currently facing an even greater challenge.

Following his acceptance into the high school program, my marriage ended in a costly divorce, resulting in overwhelming legal fees, loss of income, and struggling to make ends meet. We are in need of help and are praying for your financial investment in not only achieving quality education, also his future as a thought leader.

Finding an educational environment developing not only his academic strengths, but leadership characteristics as well has been a life-defining moment in my son's life. We are taking every effort to establish a foundation of leadership and service that will continue to grow as he matures. We are planting seeds for his understanding of the concept of community support, as he understands that "to whom much is given, much is required," as he invests in the lives of other people.

We are committed to achieving his goal of obtaining a strong academic foundation upon which he will build his college education and career goals in the field of Engineering. Bridging the educational gap to provide him the opportunity to achieve a better standard of life through education has been challenging, yet rewarding. Please help him to cross socio-economic barriers to rise as a future leader and mentor. Any amount of support from is greatly appreciated! We thank you so much for your time and support!

Be Blessed!