An extended essay sample shoud investigate the essay topic
Any  extended essay sample must detail the topic involved in an explanatory form, which will extend the required information, supported by relevant examination of established facts and evidence of proof for the same. While this paper will list a few essay samples, for the students to expand and write more on the chosen topic, it is essential that students also look at  any example essay to learn the basics of  Essay writing , concerned with any type of essay. However, the following points need to be kept in view for writing any extended essay. If you have question: "Who will write my essay help that what I need?!" Topic, question and research-- If the topic assigned to you is not in the form of a question, then convert the same to a question. Thereafter, prepare a research methodology to find the data, which is related to the question. List all views that may formulate the possible answers. Use innovative and analytical skills-This will require the students to understand the topic, in depth. Critically evaluate the data collected and then innovate a concluding answer to the topic question. Abstract and conclusion-- Both of these terms relate to the text given in the main essay body. While the abstract or summary comes first, the conclusion comes last. However, while writing it is better to write both at the end, as student will have clear idea on the topic question and answer, by then. Now some extended essay samples, in brief, based on philosophical topics, are given below: The Topic is, "PLEASURE" It certainly is a question in itself. Students can specify the meaning of pleasure. What is pleasure? Or, how to achieve pleasure? This will mean writing in detail on the issues connected with the topic. Again, the question that may need to be discussed in detail is to find, if pleasure is just a state of mind only. For example, a non-vegetarian human being will get pleasure on eating any kind of meat, while same will be highly an unpleasant thing for a vegetarian.
But if you are struggling with writing you always can buy already written papers. Depending on the length of the extended essay sample, students can discuss about other related issues like the quality of pleasure for a certain person who wants to measure it quantitatively. In addition, discussion and sufficient proof of evidence through the collected research data is essential to highlight the reason for any action or non-action that may result in getting pleasure for a particular person and how does it differ from person to person. While essay structure and organization is essenal for any type of paper, students will be benefited if they go through the essay outline to know about the same. A look at  personal essay will also help students to pick up excellent writing skills. The topic is " GOD" This is yet another controversial topic that can be discussed as an extended essay question. Is this also a state of mind only? What mental process or behavior is responsible for a human being to be an atheist? Students can further expand the topic by relating the knowledge of GOD with our positive or negative attitudes towards life. While any extended essay sample will require expansion of all the issues related to the topic, students can also go through the custom-made papers at custom essays , for such samples.