We live in a rural area with very little resources.  I have called 100's of places looking for someone that helps in our area/ county and have no other options.  My little guy is in multiple therapies a week.  This gives us some access to the items and toys we need to get him caught up to his peers but with therapy limited to 30 minutes or 1 hour each we are often told to try to obtain these things for use at home to continue the therapy.  Unfortunately this isn't affordable.   We are blessed to have been able to provide basics but we are at the point where he needs consistency and I can't afford to get the items he uses at therapy.   Several items are lower cost or I can find used at a substantial discount.   We are asking for 350$ to specifically cover the cost of a used soft structure climbing set to work on leg and arm control along with dynamic movement.   This money will also cover the cost of 5 fine motor toys,  1 weighted blanket,  & a soft foam ball pit to be used with and without the balls.  We use this pit almost daily in therapy to help him direct his activities and learning without having to confine him to a chair or corner to keep attention and is an absolute need at home.   Thank you very much for considering to help me further my child's education & ability to be like the rest of the kids his age. 

Eventually when we are finished with these items and therapy we plan to pay this forward by donating the items to another rural family in need without access to local social Service agencies like us.  When you live in a rural area there's just no one there to help.   That's why we need you.