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By what Authority Does the Govt. take the Law into their own hands and become Uncivilized Criminal Barbarians & Outlaw Savages ? Before Oct. 2010 Govt. planners & builders in MT. approved a Govt. housing project where they opened up the earth downhill from this property's septic tank & drainfield, creating a bio-hazard toxic sewer lagoon, an enviormental & ecological Catastrophe, Public Health Emergency, A Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Disaster and a Violent Conflict & Dispute with us, Diane & George Anthony Schultz.
After multiple complaints to the govt. and dozens of contacts with Law Licenses I started to run for office 4x's, twice for Mayor of Great Falls, 1st time in 2019 I was blocked, this year my Priority Mail Pony Express dispatch to MT S.O.S.'s office was 'Disappeared' from the Capitial Building Mail Room in Helena MT. on June 21st, 2021.
In a nut shell the Govt. violated Montana Code Annotated 17.36.323 the EPA-DEQ set back distance Table #3, Column #3, Item # 11 by 4 Feet. So after 11 plus years of all avenues being closed I am preparing to file Civil Suits Pro Se to the State & Federal Courts to Re-dress our Grievances.
I believe this will be a good TEST to see if we still have a Constitution, the Rule of Law & Property Rights. Our request for donations will be strictly to fund Court costs, filing fees, court reporters, Process servers, depositions, discovery, Trial and office costs. At no time will funds ever be used to pay Attorney Fees.

                         'The Pursuit of Happiness' pre-supposes that the Ownership of Private Property shall not be violated, to include the Vehicle & Mechanism for Our Soul's journey, that has been issued to us by 'The Creator': Our physical bodies and Our Right to Self-determination & Autonomy shall also not be violated.
As with all our Govt. filings this year, an Invitation to meet with us at our Location is extented to any interested party to 'FACT CHECK' & Verify our claim.
The 1700 block of 21st Avenue South, 2 blocks south of Sunny Side elementary school, in
The Heart of Great Falls, Montana.
Has any Govt. staffer answered our 'Call For Service' ?
Wait for it.......... A giant re-sounding     NO !      
When this Inverse Condemnation case is brought before the Courts;
We intend to Transmute,Transfer, Transform, and Convert our hardship and suffering into the course correction and reforms needed in Govt. so we are safe in our homes and properties.

A sincere Thank You to the Give Send Go staff, as 'We The People' have the opportunity to
Enforce our Rights under the Constutition.

May Almighty God Bless You
Thank You,     Respectfully and Sincerely,        Diane June Schultz
                                                                          George Anthony Schultz