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We are dancing on the grave of Roe vs. Wade. But how did we get here? The "Operation Rescue Movement" helped fuel the engine to victory...with over 70,000 arrests. This was the largest civil peaceful disobedience movement in American history. Yet sadly......
Sadly, most people under 50 years old have no idea about this incredible history of God's hand at work in the Rescue Movement. From 1987 to 1994, the "rescue movement" saved thousands of babies from abortion, and through hundreds of massive protests, brought abortion front and center to the American public. Operation Rescue created the social tension required for political change. Multiple news articles, documentaries, media hosts, and books make the case that without Operation Rescue, Roe would never have fallen. We have hundreds of hours of never before seen video footage of incredible frontline activism.

Please - help us tell the Operation Rescue story; 

this critical part of American history. 

Our first Episode: The "Siege" of Atlanta.

Hello Pro-Life Friend.Randall Terry here, the Founder of Operation Rescue.

We are producing a serial documentary showing the courageous, inspirational, and Christ-centered movement that helped pave the way for the demise of Roe. Our goal is to make a documentary series that accurately shows the courageous sacrifices made by tens of thousands of Americans - the jailings, the police brutality, the lawsuits - AND inspires the next generation of pro-life activists to fight and sacrifice in ways that will end the slaughter of children in all fifty states.  

Most Americans - for that matter, most pro-lifers - have no idea that tens of thousands of pro-life activists were arrested for peacefully blockading abortion mills. They have no idea that the Operation Rescue movement - or "Rescue Movement" as it is also called - was the largest peaceful civil disobedience movement in American history. Multiple thousands of Christians - led by HUNDREDS of clergy - went to jail for trying to protect babies' lives. 

Over 70,000 documented police arrests were made from 1987 to 1994 as Christians stood between the babies and their would-be killers. In addition to proprietary footage, we were on Oprah, 60 Minutes, Donahue, Good Morning America, ABS's 20/20, CNN, FOX, and every major news network repeatedly; we were front page news in literally EVERY MAJOR NEWSPAPER in America, and often around the world. 

Christians from all denominations - in scores of American cities - fought in solidarity against the slaughter of the innocent. They often clogged and even overwhelmed the judicial systems and jails in their area.The rescue movement drove the "issue" of child killing from political obscurity to the front pages of American newspapers, and TV newscasts across the nation and the world; abortion went from an embarrassing and largely ignored social issue to the #1 life and death battle on the political horizon. 

The goal of the Rescue Movement blockades of abortion mills was twofold: 1) to save babies scheduled to die that day; (i.e., while we were blocking the doors, no one could get in to kill babies); 2) to create the social and political tension needed to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and to again make it a crime to kill an unborn child from conception until birth in all fifty states. (Politicians "see the light" after they "feel the heat.") 

Politicians and pastors, commentators and journalists, could not ignore the logic and demands of pro-lifers: "If abortion is murder, act like it's murder! Roe vs. Wade must be overturned, and abortion must be illegal again in all 50 states!"

This "move of God'' - was animated by the message of repentance. Our message was clear: the Christian community had failed in its duty to "rescue those led to slaughter..." (Proverbs 24:10); we had failed to "defend the week and fatherless..." (Ps 82:3) The prophet Isaiah proclaimed the "fruits of repentance" that God required of us. The Lord said:

"When you spread forth your hands,
    I will hide my eyes from you;
even though you make many prayers,
    I will not listen;
    your hands are full of blood.
16 Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean;
    remove the evil of your doings
    from before my eyes;
cease to do evil,
17     learn to do good;
seek justice,
    correct oppression;
defend the fatherless..." (Is 1:15-17)

We were repenting of "the sins of omission;" what we had "failed to do."James 4:17 says: "And when a person knows the right thing to do, but does not do it, then he is sinning." We - the Christian community - had sinned grievously by standing by and doing little or nothing to rescue innocent babies from the hands of their killers. The rescue movement was our heartfelt effort at repentance for our apathy, selfishness, and neglect of the babies. The movement that arose fueled the political and social realms with a fierceness against child killing that spread like wildfire.

As this documentary series  will show, the seeds of the Rescue Movement were scattered throughout the political and legislative realms, and ultimately bore the fruit of overturning Roe. "Pro-life politics" became a citadel of unceasing efforts to elect pro-life legislators at every level of government, and to get anti-Roe Judges on the Supreme Court. Without Operation Rescue and the Rescue Movement, it is likey that Roe would never have been overturned. Friend, we ask you - with all our hearts - to give generously to this life-changing documentary.  

As Christians hear the message, and see the irrefutable evidence of the images, rhetoric, courageous actions, and sacrifices of the Rescue Movement that helped get America to this place, they will see the blueprint of what it will take to win the war, and make child killing illegal again in all fifty states. 

Remember, there is no "states right" to murder a child, anymore than there is a "states right" to own a slave.

Help us raise up a new generation of Dragon Slayers. Help us teach the time proven political battle plans that will result in winning this war. Overturning Roe was like the Allies taking Normandy Beach in WWII; yes, it was a critical victory. But our mission is to "get to Berlin;" to utterly vanquish legalized child killing from our nation, and drive it back to hell where it came.