Door To Eternity Podcast provides you with...

...a rare viewpoint of end times prophecy explained by a normal everyday guy who guides you down a simple roadmap toward taking advantage of your eternal destiny.

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If you are curious in any way about your eternal destiny, then you should regularly tune in.

Reason #1 - You get solid information about end times events and how they fit in with the current times we live in leading to eternity. Some amount of speculative discernment will be applied during many discussions giving you some unique insight and perspectives.

Reason #2 - You will discover what might be awaiting you when you leave this life and what it takes to reach it. No, this has nothing to do with some cult which might trick you. The truths are based from the Holy Scriptures which is the only reliable reference of what the afterlife will be like.

Reason #3 - You will find how to lead your own life, out of the turmoil and many questions of "not knowing", into a confident stance of where your eternal destiny could lead.

You are standing at your door to eternity, so open it and join in.

Our Campaign: We are opening the doors during early 2022 as a Start Up podcast. We don't have a set Goal Amount (reaching for $24K), so any support as we ramp up will go a long way to paying for upkeep and to help us move forward. Actually, we prefer an ongoing "monthly pledge" if you can swing it as automatically helping us each month. Thanks for giving us a helping hand.