Various Unexpected Traumatic Events Continue to Contribute to the Downfall of A Beautiful Blended Family
Now I totally get it- what’s new?! Every single Family has their own share of issues and struggles.
I get it that some things are difficult to believe, understand or Relate to. But I can help you with the most important details of what make this Struggle something that is worth Doing something that could help Save their Family and Give them a little bit of restored Faith and relief! 

This Family May Seem like the Typical Blended Family, with step siblings/HalfSiblings/Full Siblings/Coparenting/Exes/Not Biological-half Biological-Full Biological-however you may refer to it as. But what you don’t see is the constant struggles that have been made a common occurrence throughout the past few years through total unexpected spontaneous challenges that are becoming increasingly more difficult to overcome and to have the strength to push through them. I’m sure you have heard it before or even seen it before- a Family that doesn’t have much but they are happy with what they have and don’t mind that they don’t have that extravagant lifestyle and are happy just to have each other. And even if they could have the extravagant lifestyle they still wouldn’t because they would rather be able to help others rather than having materialistic things that have no value in the sense of being useful for others. Though they don’t necessarily have the financial resources to contribute in monetary terms they do contribute in more ways than meets the eye. One of the biggest Forces of helping people is the VALUE Of TIME- taking the time to get to know someone and help them in a variety of different aspects correlated to their livelihood. For instance someone is suggesting that their washer and dryer are broken and they cannot afford the laundromat- this family would offer them not just one but two or three ways that they hopefully would find helpful for their needs such as helping them fix their washer or dryer if applicable , offering to wash their clothes for them, or providing them with a resource that would provide a solution to their problem. This is not a Family that does it to expect something in return, or to share their good deeds for praise, or even for a “thank you “ - but instead they do it because they have had so many experiences in their lives that they are adamant that they will prevent someone else from being at a disadvantage and not having any options to take control. They are a family who is determined to remain humble and realistic about life being able to take something that may be a minor roadblock and in a blink of an eye can be detrimental and implode. And unfortunately this is exactly what happened for them. But it’s not just imploding once. It’s imploding again and again and again.. and they are losing hope… the family that’s been there for every one else even in their own struggles is now in need of ours but will not ask for it . This family has lost a twin baby in utero years back , had a horrible delivery that resulted in the placenta not being removed for the twin causing sepsis . The pain that was suggested was caused by straining had Been a Pulmonary Embolism minutes from being detrimental and the uterus had to be forced to retract and further complications and secondary infertility. They did many surgeries and medications and many appointments with  disappointment . After years the family was miraculously successful in having another which had been monitored high risk but when it was time to deliver they insisted that their was no need for the specialist— that was the wrong call that led to a manual removal of the placenta that had attached and blocked the cervix which resulted in hemorrhage of course. Of course having another seemed out of the question and they went through a depression and during that they did whatever they could to help other families and provide support for other families especially those expecting so that they could help restore their own heart break. After several years they unexpectedly found out there was miraculous baby it was the only time they ovulated in years and it had been successful ! However the family had used that time to create moments. They knew that with this came the news that the fatality rate was about 80 percent for both mom and baby due to the likelihood of growth restrictions, placental abruptions preterm labor that would be instantaneous death for both ..  and baby was fine…but thanks to new technology mom resuscitated . And saved. However spent months in the ICU and the father had to work during the day- and the unthinkable occurred when a family member had taken the baby when In ICU and refused to return filing to adopt the baby because dad hadn’t been placed on the birth certificate yet- with mom in ICU nobody could stop it - now mom is focusing on the trauma of what happened, the time that has passed , the baby she barely met and now stopping someone from basically stealing her baby instead of being able to focus on healing. Shortly afterwards dad has a stroke driving mom home and they roll the vehicle. For days dad could not regain his speech , memory or consciousness and cognitive ability. Mom facing more against her odds and seeing some brain damage beginning and cannot do organ repair until she has some healing begin otherwise she will go in her 3rd coma and may not comeback out.   On top of it All the father of her first child is very mentally abusive and has attempted for a second time to try to take custody- suggesting that disabled people should not have children. His attempt failed. But still leaves their child worried as he tells her he will do anything in his power to make sure that I don’t see her again. She fears that he won’t stop and wants us both. And my second Child is autistic and thrives off schedule and routine but this has not been an easy time for that . The transportation gas , the lawyers, the medical bills, the prescriptions, the medical supplies, everything is becoming too much for the family.. it’s time they see what the world can do for them!