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Thanks to all who donated to help with Dominick’s previous legal battles. Please see updates below on Dominick’s situation post trial. 

Thank you all!


Update #2
July 29, 2022
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Dominick has struggled since Kyle’s trial. Dominick never hurt anyone that night but he has suffered badly. With the dropping of charges against him, most of us felt Dominick would simply move on. Unfortunately, it hasn't been that easy, as anyone with experience in mental health would understand. Few of you know that Dominick's biological father took his own life only a couple of years before the trial. Dominick kept his pain bottled up, but something about the trial has unleashed emotions that he can’t handle alone. It seems has Dominick has fallen into substance abuse and is currently in jail, facing serious prison time. None of his crimes are violent, which would be totally out of character for him. He's a good kid who plans to move to the east coast since he’s been working a solid job there as a construction worker. But every time he visits Kenosha he meets up with people he should avoid. A few weeks ago, Dominick overdosed. For a few minutes, he actually died. His mother and step-father are wrought with grief but don’t know how to help him. They badly want him to get help through a  rehabilitation program and find a therapist but cannot afford it nor do they know much about the mental health field. They are asking for financial help and advice on how to go about helping their son. If you can donate some $$ to help him along, they would greatly appreciate it. If you have any suggestions on what to look for in rehab services, that would help, too. Let’s put politics aside and recognize that this is a kid who needs our support.

Update #1
January 10, 2022
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Dominick has court today at 11:30. May we all pray for him. 


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