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My nephew has been wrongly charged with 2 felony counts under Wis 948.60 (2)(c) and he is still facing up to 12 years. Many have expressed concern of politics driving this case related to the Kyle R case that occurred on 8/25/20.
He DESERVES a fair fight. Dominick shouldn't be punished or be made an "example" of, especially when the charges no longer apply to the case they were tied to. 

Dominick's life long dream has been to join the Airforce and become a pilot for a commercial airline ever since he was just 3 years old. That shouldn't be taken from him. 

We need to have the best legal resources along the way and the financial means to do so. This will most likely be a long journey to see justice in this and it will be costly. We pray the truth will set him free of this.

We have a long road ahead of us, so we more than appreciate any contributions. 

Thank you for all of the prayers and encouragement! Your support for Dominick has been absolutely incredible!  

Thank you and God Bless!


Update #1
January 10, 2022
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Dominick has court today at 11:30. May we all pray for him. 


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