I am Dominique Galbraith, a New York City-based bridal designer and owner of D. Auxilly NYC LLC. I create custom bridal gowns. In 2019, I received an inquiry about ordering a bridal jumpsuit for a same-sex wedding. As a Christian whose faith plays a role in all of my decisions including business, I could not in good conscience make the jumpsuit for a same-sex wedding. I responded to them gracefully by saying that I could not make the jumpsuit. I also shared my faith and invited them to have a conversation if they were willing. I didn't receive a response. 

Because of my decision, I was taken to court for discrimination here in New York State. A judge in the Human Rights Division of New York ruled in a final decision in September of 2023, that I must pay $5,000 to the couple, and $20,000 to the state of New York. The decision, in favor of the couple, denied my First Amendment right.

We believe that fighting back and taking a stand is the right thing to do in challenging New York in its decision to protect one group at the expense of my right to exercise my faith. My family and I are raising funds to appeal this decision in court. We have a small window of time to file the appeal. Any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated as well as your prayers.