Help 7 fired Cast Members continue their legal fight against Disney's blatant religious discrimination! 

Disney Cast Member….it’s a title so many of us have worn proudly, some for decades. That is until Disney decided they were above the law and went on a crusade to attack the religious convictions of Cast who sought an exemption to their Covid 19 vaccine mandate. Unvaccinated cast members were singled out and subjected to overbearing PPE measures such as improperly used N95 masks all day outside, plus face shields and goggles in addition to the required masks, designated break areas marked with stickers to warn others of their status, harassment from other Cast and Guests, interrogation calls with HR, violation of privacy and medical information, and ignored in their many proper requests for resolution to the situation. For a company who prides themselves on diversity and inclusion, it's very clear that this doesn't apply to those of Christian faith. Disney flat out refused to accept our religious beliefs, violating multiple laws, as well as our Constitutional right to privacy. The way they treated us was disgusting, and they continued their violations even AFTER FL Statute 381.00317 was passed, prohibiting Florida employers like Disney from implementing Covid-19 vaccination mandates.

Disney has zero regard for the law, and used intimidation and fear tactics to coerce their Cast Members into receiving an experimental vaccine, under the threat of losing their jobs. Grounded in our deep faith and desire for bodily autonomy, we took a stand against Disney and it cost us our careers. However, we refuse to give up and let these large corporations think they can get away with their discrimination.

In June 2022, a press release in Kissimmee, FL announced our lawsuit against Disney, followed by an update that December with a total of 7 plaintiffs suing Disney over multiple charges of discrimination against their religious beliefs. In January 2023, the court severed our ONE case into SEVEN individual cases, and didn't extend any courtesy of waiving the filing fee for the additional 6 cases. Instead of working on 1 case, our lawyers have to continuously repeat efforts multiple times, incurring exorbitant fees. As we are in the thick of our lawsuit(s), it's imperative that we raise funds to continue our fight, as our resources have dwindled. January 2024 is our expected briefing stage, where we will begin depositions, with each one carrying a fee of over $1k, hence why it’s crucial that we raise funding to support our legal defense now. This is how Disney wants to win...they want to make us go away so they aren't held accountable to how they treated us!

Currently this is the largest lawsuit against an employer in the state of Florida. Not only are we seeking justice and accountability to Disney’s discriminatory actions towards us, but we want to set a precedent with ALL employers. Vaccine mandates and discriminatory PPE have NO place in a free society! In this modern day David vs Goliath situation, we need prayers and financial help. It’s well expected that Disney is going to try to push the limit on this case, in hopes that we run out of funding to fight against their tyranny. Please help us ensure they don’t stand a chance in letting that happen! Your donation, however great or small, will go toward our legal defense for all 7 of our cases. Please don't underestimate what a small amount can equal up to! Every single dollar counts in this case. For example, $25 can help fund an hour of research for our legal team! Whatever you can do to support our case to protect our Christian beliefs is appreciated from the bottom of our hearts! 

We CANNOT let Disney get away with their discriminatory policies and their attack on our Christian faith. Please help us hold them accountable and serve justice so they, and employers like them, will NEVER institute mandates or violate the rights of their employees again.

Galatians 6:2 "Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ"

    Thank you and God Bless,

Plaintiffs Barbara Andreas, Stephen Cribb, Adam Pajer, Steven Gibbons, Cheron Hayes, Cathryn Koepke and Seth Schmidt


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