I'm Nick DeCarlo, most call me Dick NeCarlo. I'm co-owner of MTMedia, a channel dedicated to laughing about the downfall of the country/corruption in our governments, along with making original live and pre-recorded content.

I traveled to DC with the intentions to make a comical video showing some of the bizarre gimmicky personalities that attend political events, which later turned into my fellow reporter and myself being part of one of the most significant events in American history. 

We were next to elderly women getting flashbangs thrown at their faces. A crowd of peaceful, but angry, Americans tired of our corrupt officials selling us out, ready to push back against the police, who did nothing but rile up and agitate the group.

We took part in showing our disgust with these politicians' lying, cheating, and stealing. We entered the Capitol and supported whatever the hell it was that happened. 

My associate and I were sentenced 4 years for laughing in the face of authority and democracy, and using our platform to show Americans they can laugh dangerously like we do. We didn't hurt any cops or any politicians, we just drew a line in the sand (...and our logo on a Capitol door).

My parents' health is declining fast. My father's knee replacement is breaking down, and losing his vision in his right eye. My mother's injuries from being hit by a drunk driver in a speed boat have been hurting her worse in her old age. They can't work, bills are piling up, and they are at risk of losing their home because my dad's disability isn't enough anymore.

I'm asking for this high of a number to ensure my parents will be okay while I'm doing my time, and maybe a little extra to get started back again with my life when I'm out; being a felon for criminal laughter is going to complicate the rest of my life. My boyish looks and irresistible charm may not be enough to help me.

Thank you for any way you can help. God bless you. Keep laughing at the demons who run this shit show.