Desperate to Be a Father,

PJ & his parents prayed 9 years for he and his wife to conceive a child. After much prayer and treatments

Gabby was born after IVF procedures in 2012. In April 2022, PJ was removed from her life by false allegations of being a violent person and that her mother and her were afraid of him. (Untruthful)

On 3-31-2022 His wife applied for a temporary protection order (TPO). In the state of Georgia Code O.C.G.A. 19-13-3-c states that if those allegations are not brought before a court within 30-days for her to PROVE those allegations and after he has the opportunity to dispute them and cross-examine her then, this temporary (30-day order) is null & voided and O.C.G.A. 19-13-4-d states after this 30-days, neither the Superior Court nor law enforcement can uphold the order.

(His 30-day formal court date was set for 4-29-2022.) His wife then filed on 04-01-2022 for a divorce after already having made the judge biased with her false allegations giving her a greater opportunity for full custody.

On 4-27-2022, The Judge and the 2 divorce attorneys decided via text message since the judge wanted to go to a funeral, they would just continue the TPO and reschedule another hearing instead of PJ having his 4-29-2022 hearing. (Despite PJ’s 4 request in writing to his attorney to resolve & drop the TPO at or before the hearing date of 4-29-2022 so that he & his wife could talk and work on their marriage. Instead this divorce attorney agreed to reschedule a hearing which never happened, nor was agreed to by him over 19 months ago.

Ga. law states the only way to continue a “hearing” is if both parties agree. It was a written request, PJ requested of his attorney 4 times to have this resolved or dropped by or at court 4-29-2022. He used the words, JUST TO BE CLEAR, I want to get the TPO resolved at or prior to court 4-29-22. Despite his request in writing 4 times, his attorney with her attorney and the judge canceled his due process opportunity to have this 30 day hearing. NEVER was there any showing in the RECORD that a hearing date had been rescheduled within that 30 days. Appeals courts in Georgia are clear that Mere ALLEGATIONS alone can not sustain this temporary order, He must have his opportunity to question her allegations NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS. His God given, and his constitutional rights have been trampled on.

She lied to the judge to get the TPO stating he had a violent history and that she was fearful of her life and his daughters’ life, without any history. Yet, after she obtained this (TPO) Emergency temporary order to have him removed from the home and all of his guns taken, SHE went right back into the home with him 3 more nights and 4 more days for her convenience’s sake. She even traveled with him out of town to eat what was their 19th wedding anniversary dinner at a fancy restaurant. It was such an emergency to have him removed from the home right away that it took the Sheriff’s Department 4 days to attempt to serve this EMERGENCY “Temporary Protection Order” & notice of divorce.

This action now placed his wife with full POWER & CONTROL, NO visitations with his daughter were allowed in her divorce papers unless she and her attorney agreed and gave him any. (just an example of the power & control they are using against PJ)

His wife fled to Florida when it was convenient on the 4th day, the day he would be served papers. She withheld his child with excuses for 20 days before he was allowed to see her (Alienation)

PJ had proven in fact that his child was not afraid of him and still loved him as she always had during the approximately 9 hours of visits he was allowed over the course of several days, 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday, & couple afternoons from 4-4-22 to 5-14-22. 15 days after this TPO was no longer in effect per Ga. Law PJ scheduled a fun date on May 14, 2022, he  planned a fun day at the balloon festival with Gabby, bought extra an ticket in case her friend or her mom wanted to go.

Instead of being able to take Gabby to the Balloon Festival, he was arrested for being within 500’ of her car as they traveled in the same direction, from the same area of the country, going to the same location as his wife to pickup his daughter to take her to the balloon festival. As they traveled she called 911 and claimed to be driving 100mph with his 9-year-old daughter in the car. She told 911 she had a TPO (voided at this time by law) and they/911 stated; He’s chasing you? He rammed you? He ran you off the road? (she didn’t say this to the 911 dispatcher, that was the dispatchers words) PJ was also charged with child endangerment because SHE said SHE was driving 100 mph and the child witnessed that. They also charged him with reckless driving.

As they approached town a County Deputy responding to the 911 call stopped them. In Court this deputy lied and stated he was flying like a bat out of . His dash cam only shows the moment he first saw them coming through a red light and PJ was at the tail end of all traffic and not speeding, and many car lengths behind his wife & daughter. This deputy also stated he was speeding yet, he also stated he had no idea how fast he was going when PJ asked, how fast was I going? Deputy replied I don’t know I don’t have a radar, to which he also stated in Bond Hearing Court. In Court, this deputy stated he didn’t know the speed limit right there, nor did he know how fast he was doing either. Only going on her word that this happened this officer arrested PJ and he spent 90 days in jail. He was charged with charges based on her word alone. He’s been treated like many other father’s going through this exact same action. In fact. PJ refused the Assistant District Attorney’s PLEA deal, so the A.D.A. for spite decided he would just add a total of 80 years of felony charges for not pleading guilty.

After withholding Gabby from PJ for 442 days May 14, 2022 to July 27, 2023, he saw her 3 times (a total of 3+ hours) at a reunification therapist office. Thus further proving Gabby loves her father and is not afraid of him. PJ has not been allowed to see her since those precious 3 times, this is all about alienating Gabby from her father.

Because PJ lost his security clearance at his job at a nuclear power plant and not able to return to work there after those 90 days in jail (although his boss did hold his job for 7 weeks) his wife costed him $30,000 of his income while in jail. It was an overtime job that you rarely have an opportunity to work and get travel expenses, this job wasn’t his normal paycheck it was a bonus job. In addition, because of these false allegations he is still unable to renew his Master Electrical License because of these pending charges. His parents have spent well over $200,000.00 in attorney’s fees and other expenses. PJ is not any closer to a divorce or child custody than he was19 months ago, not to mention facing these false charges heaped up by our great system for lack of DUE PROCESS and equal treatment under the LAW which he has not had to this date.

PJ is the most fun dad ever. He is not perfect nor has he ever claimed to be. For everyone that knows PJ, knows PJ is a GREAT father, & husband, he is compassionate. He worked extremely hard to provide the best for his family, to love them and support them all the days of his married life.  Through these last 19 months (since April 2022 upon service of divorce) He has done his best and bent over backwards to do the right thing by the court, his wife and his child. Yet, he has still been punished and not allowed to see Gabby another 105 days since 8/13/2023, after the first 442 days of alienation.

There is a court date set for December 6, 2023 where we are praying and ask you to join us, that the Judge finally hears how this alienation has affected his daughter and that custody & visitation be changed. Gabby NEEDS her FATHER in her life to be the productive person God wants her to be. God gave Gabby to PJ as her earthly father to love, train up in God's love, to protect, guide & direct. PJ is Desperate to have his child in his life. He has always been there for her as well as her paternal grandparents and extended Bradley & Collins families these last 9 years of her life who are also alienated from her.  

Gabby is not the same child that left here for Florida in November of 2022. Just days before this divorce action she and her cousin were playing with PJ in the backyard having a blast on video and also on a video after the divorce papers were served at their friends house they call Pop. The child has NEVER been afraid of her father and still not afraid of her father because she knows the truth. Anything she has said after 5-14-22 the day he was arrested is simple alienation. On the Deputies body came at the traffic stop pure truth was told, and the story changed by the time they arrived at the sheriff's office. His wife tried for years to alienate her from her father unsuccessful so the full plan had to be set. In his bond hearing 5-24-22 PJ's attorney asked if she set up this divorce, she said there was no SET DESTINATION for the divorce but she was logging (planning).

August 2022, PJ's then criminal attorney's office said that they told Gabby he was out of town working instead of telling her the truth of being in jail. It is not ok to lie to this child. 

We are asking friends, family and compassionate strangers for prayers and financial help. This family has never taken money to aide them financially until now. This family has always given and helped provide for others in need.

Paul & Bobi Bradley, his parents will be managing and receiving these funds for attorney expenses and any other  related and financial expenses needed.

We thank you in advance for helping in any amount you are able to now or in the future. We greatly appreciate you and your gift. May the Lord bless you in all you do in His service. This is an Emergency request. 

Thank You from the Bradley & Collins families.