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The funds from this campaign will be received by Sarah Westall.

Goal: USD $65,000
Raised: USD $ 62,130

See Attorney Cris Armenta and Sarah Westall on Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells

Oral hearing: If you missed it live, you can see it on the 9th circuit channel page is: - The recorded stream is listed. Here is the direct video link as well:

We are not just talking about censorship, we are putting ourselves out there and taking action. We need your help!

Please help us continue this battle by donating to this important cause. We are looking to raise another $65,000 to finish our journey in the circuit court of appeals. Once we are through this hurdle, we are then positioned to appeal to the Supreme Court where this issue will once and for all be discussed. 

Note: 100% of the donations will go to fund the Legal Fund. Sarah Westall and other plaintiffs will not be receiving any of the donations. Questions asked during donation process is not required by us. We don't care where you work or what you do. We just ask for a donation. Thank you!

The Plaintiffs by Youtube Channel Name: JustInformed Talk, SGT Report, X22 Report, SpaceShot 76, TruReporting, RedPill78, Edge of Wonder, Praying Medic, Amazing Polly, Woke Societies, Daniel Lee, Deception Byes, InTheMatrixxx, Destroying the Illusion and Sarah Westall.

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Oral arguments have been set for October 17th, 2022 at 9:30PT. It will air live on Youtube. Once we know more details, we will post.

4 Court Documents: Our initial Appeal document, Google's Response, Our final response, Amicus Brief by Electronic Frontier Foundation (a disappointingly captured organization)

See Journalists take on Google/Youtube Censorship: Claim Violation of 1st Amendment Due to Blatant Government Coercion & Big Tech Partnership

See Journalists Sue Google/Youtube Charging Government collusion in Censorship

See Case Document: We the People Against Google

See Clarence Thomas asking for section 230 case

See Tides are starting to turn: Twitter suffers a devastating 9th circuit defeat

Who are we?

We are a group of independent journalists and podcasters who had our channels removed from Youtube on October 15th, 2020. We lost years of work, millions of subscribers, loss of incomes, and more importantly, a platform for sharing critical information with the public. Since that brutal day, we have witnessed a sweeping array of cancellations of anyone with platforms who are going against the official narrative. We watched independent journalists, doctors, politicians and everyday people get cancelled. This is not just our fight anymore, this is YOUR fight too!

Overview - Freedom of Speech, Google and Big Tech

Why would Google take actions that seemingly squash the clear exchange of ideas and different points of view? Doesn't that seem to interfere with free speech? In fact, this is EXACTLY the case. Google is deliberately attempting to influence and shape your thoughts about effective medicines, causes for war, elections and much more.

It becomes very serious when effective health protocols are censored causing an untold number of unnecessary deaths and misery and when election fraud is waged leading to government overthrows, coups and massive corruption.

Google's actions and the actions of their government sponsors over just the past 2 years have caused so much misery the cost is immeasurable.

The Founders knew that our first amendment was critical to keep those in power from becoming tyrants. It is now more important than ever that we continue this fight to keep Google and the social media giants from destroying our free speech and freedom for all people and for future generations. 

Please help us continue this fight by donating to this important cause. We are looking to raise another $55,000 to finish our journey in the circuit court of appeals. Once we are through this fight, we are then positioned to appeal to the Supreme Court where this issue will once and for all be discussed. 

"In recent years our government has partnered with the media and big tech to attack and limit free speech. I believe this to be coordinated and one of the most dangerous occurrences in our nation’s history. The First and Second Amendments are the two most important mechanisms available to ensure our nation remains free. At this point we are left with no options but to fight to protect them and we all must support those that are taking effective steps towards preserving our liberties."- Attorney Tom Renz

Note: 100% of the donations will go to fund the Legal Fund. Sarah Westall and other plaintiffs will not be receiving any of the donations. 


9th Circuit comes back with an answer in Lightening Speed - part 2
December 2, 2022
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I’m honored to have the chance to share my thoughts here. The battle against censorship is one of the most foundational battles of our time. Regardless of your issue, COVID, elections, guns, abortion, schools, etc. the inability to have an open and honest debate is foundational to the legitimacy of government of our nation. Social media, the corrupt press, and our federal government have all colluded in various ways to facilitate this censorship and it is time we fight back.


To that end, I have agreed to work with my friend Sarah to determine how we might be able to address the issue. This will be a process and a fight, remember, the other side cannot give up control over communications or they will lose control over the people. As I do with any project I am involved in, I will do everything I can to move the free speech ball down the field (forgive the sports reference). There are several potential avenues I think we can explore on the legal front and many other ways to fight this fight. The key is the effective use of resources and a focused plan that produces results.


My prayer is that we can get this done and I will commit publicly to stop work on the project if I do not believe it is viable. In other words, if we are raising money for this fight, it needs to be a plan I believe in or I would find it unethical to request funding. The fight will never be predictable and regardless of my beliefs I cannot make any insinuation or guarantee about the outcomes (particularly if we file a case) but I will not fight a lost cause.


I also want to be clear, this fight will necessarily occur on more than one front. I view what I’m being asked to do as to find a way to eliminate or limit the censorship we are facing. Doing so requires far more than simply filing a lawsuit – it requires the same approach we have used with COVID, a legal fight, a political fight, and a PR fight to educate the public. This comprehensive approach is, in my opinion, the ONLY way to actually facilitate change and so I will approach the fight from that perspective.


It is an honor and a privilege that I am being given an opportunity to look into an issue I feel so passionate about and I pray for the wisdom to do it well. I thank everyone in advance for the support, prayers, and effort I know everyone will put forth on this fight and look forward to making the other side explain why they fear free speech and open debate.




Thomas Renz




9th Circuit comes back with an answer in Lightening Speed - part 1
December 2, 2022
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I have some news and unfortunately it is not good. The 9th circuit judges have come back with their decision and they sided against our case. But all is not lost, we are not giving up this fight. I have been waiting to release something publicly because first, I wanted to get more clarity as to what transpired and to have a preliminary plan on what we are going to do moving forward. Before I get into what we will be doing going forward, I want to discuss the decision and the strangeness surrounding this case.


First, we noticed that Youtube was ironically censoring the 9th circuit hearing. There were likely thousands of views, but they reduced the view count to less than 200. Maybe that is fitting for this case, after all censorship is their mode of operation and they will censor anything they do not want the public to see.


But the decision of the judges had some even stranger elements. Here is a list of some of them:

  1. The decision came very fast; typically, decisions on average take approx. 2 ½ months, but this one came out in 4 weeks.
  2. The decision did not appear to be written by any specific judge or by all the judges. A single judge did not put their name on the written decision. This is unusual (our attorney has not seen this before)
  3. The decision ignored our arguments and mostly parroted Googles defense (as if Google wrote it for them) and it failed to address, or even mention, our best Supreme court case, Bantam Books. Unfortunately, it suggests the judges at the 9th circuit may also be heavily influence by Google.
  4. The decision forbids us to amend our case in the future knowing that a large amount of new evidence has surfaced lately that would help our case immensely
  5. They also made the case “unpublished” – meaning that Google cannot refer to it in other cases and it will not set a legal precedent. This is really good for the freedom movement, but it is also strange as this is not an area of law that is set. Our advisor and past district 9 chief justice said that the “judges were wrong” but he also said that an unpublished judgement “means Google lost”, they sent a clear message to Google.


While obviously Google did not lose this case, they did lose on that front and that is one good thing.


Going forward we are assessing the best path forward. I have reached out to Tom Renz and his team to develop a broader more robust plan that will have a higher likelihood of winning and accomplishing our goals of reestablishing freedom of speech and removing government coercion, manipulation, and partnership with the big tech companies, in particular Google, the largest and most powerful.


We have made good progress and we are developing a winning strategy. I will be focused on raising funds and bringing people together to fight this on a united front. A group of high profile and censored journalists will be coming together for a fundraising event for the “Censored”. It will be held in late March and details will be coming soon. A new fundraising page will also be set up for the next phase of our fight. So please keep an eye out for that.


As for the most important part, the legal battle, I will let Tom Renz explain in his words our path forward.

See next update

Attorney Cris Armenta and Sarah Westall on Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells
October 21, 2022
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Hear Attorney Cris Armenta and Sarah Westall explain the hearing, the importance of this case for the country, and steps going forward.

PLEASE READ: We the People vs Google Oral Argument – video & analysis
October 18, 2022
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Monday (10-17-22) we heard the oral argument for “We the People” vs Google. The 3 judge panel appeared to be more fair than Google’s back yard judge in San Francisco where she appeared to be a member of the Google’s defense team. The judges are probably smarter and know it would be unwise to show obvious alignment in a high profile freedom of speech case. We will see when the decision comes out if the judges are captured or if they will have the courage to do the right thing in this case. Here are some of the facts, details and my analysis of the case so far.


Courtroom #1: Direct Link to the stream
October 17, 2022
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Hey everyone!


Please share the details with your social media:


“We the People” vs Google is scheduled to be in courtroom 1 at 9:30PT. We are 3 or 4 in the lineup on the schedule.


Here is the direct streaming link as posted on the 9th circuit website:


Pray for our attorney Cris Armenta and pray for the judges to have the courage to do what is right.


Stay strong,


Sarah Westall

Link to watch Trial Live on Monday 10-17-22
October 15, 2022
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Hi everyone, 

The link to watch the trial is

It should be streaming live at 9:30PT on Monday October 17th, 2022

Please share this with everyone you know.

Also, please pray for the judges to have the courage to do what is right!

Sarah Westall

Mark Your Calendars! - Oral Hearing 10-17-22
October 8, 2022
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Hello fellow freedom fighters! 

A short update on "We the People vs Google":

Mark your calendars for the oral hearing which is Monday, October 17th at 9:30PT airing live on Youtube. 

Let everyone know so they can hear the arguments themselves!  It is important that the world knows what is really going on.

We are still looking for funds. Let your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors know about this cause. Because "We the People vs Google" is for all of us!

Also don't forget pray...

Please Pray that the judges will find the courage to do what is right. 

Please Pray for our attorney Cris Armenta that she will shine the light of freedom so the judges and the world will see

Please Pray for this campaign, that we will have the funds and resources to go all the way!

and Lastly, please pray for everyone to have the strength to keep fighting.

take care and stay strong!!  Sarah Westall


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