Several US bishops, including the influential but increasingly marginalized Cardinal Cupich, are rolling out increasing restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass, with the ultimate goal of eradicating it completely.  In response, we, a group of Catholic laity from around the United States have united in an effort to prevent the cancelation of the Mass of the Ages.  Empowered by Canon 212, we have a right and a duty to inform our church leaders when they are in error.  We ask you to join us in raising awareness amongst family, friends, and on social media.  Oppressive church leaders will be on notice that the laity do not support suppression of the Mass that has been practiced by countless saints for well over a millenia. 

Any funds donated will go towards future awareness campaigns across the United States and around the world.  The Coalition For Canceled Priests supported in the launch of this effort, and the list of fellow Catholic apostolates joining in solidarity is growing every day.  To that end, we offer all of this to Our Lord, and leave the fate of this endeavor in the care of Our Blessed Mother.